Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Brig ® Mohammad Alimuddin, T.I, (1917 - 28th December 2001)

December each year brings nostalgic reminisces about the melancholic and emotionally charged events which took place towards the end of this month about 10 years ago on this day in the year 2001.

28th December 2011 will be 10th death Anniversary of my Father Brig ® M. Alimuddin, who’s presence and guidance has been missed by me from day to day and from time to time and the vacuum thus created can never be filled.

More than a decade has passed and time has not been able to heal my wounds nor have his pleasant and emotional memories faded or even become dim from my memories.

As every day passes I miss him more and more and find the bond between Father and Son become even stronger which even death can not weaken.

Why is it that such nice relationships and comradeship has to be annulled by the irony of fate that is DEATH, and death is a reality which no one can deny or escape, We all have to embrace it sooner or later.

In order to pass on the Rich Legacy and traditions left by him I on my humble behalf have tried to keep the beacon of light lit for future generations to come. We have started a trust in his name RAZA CHARITY TRUST in which we give Rations during the month of RAMZAN and help the needy and poor people from time to time on monthly basis.

All friends and well wishers are requested to join me in my humanitarian and philanthropic cause to help the needy and poor.

As usual we have arranged FATIYA KHAWANI in the JAMIA ISLAMIA MOSQUE followed by distribution of food to the needy.

All friends and well wishers are requested to join me in a humble prayer for the departed soul.


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin