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                       JULY 2012

This year again as usual we are embarking on another hiking and trekking expedition to NEELUM VALLEY in Azad Kashmir.
The aims and objective of this expedition is to highlight the short route from Islamabad via the Murree Express way to Masiyari Village, Lower Topa, Bakot, Dalai camp, Domel (Sawan Gucha) to Muzafarabad.

My initial reconnaissance of the road conditions show that up to Ath Mukam in Azad Kashmir we can go on an ordinary vehicle and onwards we need a good 4/4 vehicle / off road.
The detail itinerary is given below and subject to slight modifications from Ath Mukam to Kel and beyond.
You are invited to come and join the expedition subject to your physical fitness and willingness to be a happy member and part of our team.

Neelum Valley
Chita Katha Lake in Shounter, Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir, 13200 Feet

Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir Region is situated at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4000m above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy and gushing Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true. Neelum valley is a 144 km long bow-shaped deeply forested region in Azad Kashmir.

Athmuqam - is situated at a height of 1371m, it is the sub-divisional headquarters of the area. It is an attractive place known for its variety of fruit. Neelum hamlet is situated at a distance of about 9 Km from Athmuqam on the right bank of the river Neelum at 1524m above sea level with fascinating scenery. The panoramic lush green valley is profound in fruits and wildlife.

Sharda - a breath-taking green spot at an altitude of 1981m. Shardi and Nardi are two mountain peaks overlooking the valley, reputedly named after legendary princess Sharda. It has a captivating landscape with numerous springs and hill-sides covered with trees. On the right bank, opposite Sharda, the Neelum is joined by the Surgan Nallah along which a track leads to Nurinar Pass and through it to the Kaghan Valley. Ruins of an old Buddhist University can also be found in Sharda.

Kel - a small valley situated at a height of 2097m. This is another picturesque place in the Neelum Valley. This is also the head quarters of the forward brigade of the Paksitan Army leading to NIKRO in the forward area bordering occupied Kashmir.
The Shounter Nallah joins river Neelum at this place and leads to Gilgit Agency (Northern Areas)

Arang Kel In Neelum Valley Kashmir.

Athmuqam or Athmakam is a small city about 84 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. It is the headquarters of Neelum District. Its population is about 8,000. The name Athmuqam means 8th station, derived from the number of stages from both Muzaffarabad and Kel to Athmuqam. A "nullah" divides Athmuqam into two parts Athai and Athmuqam.  

Athmuqam is in a cup like valley surrounded by mountains on all sides, full of greenery and forests with deodar, pine, cheer and fir trees. For tourist interests there are two hiking tracks: one from Rawta leads to Guther and the second toward Dogga top. 

Athmuqam had the status of tehsil before Partition. Its official name was formerly Karna. Folk stories tell of a very advanced and congested city which was ruined by a flood, and this is supported by some archaeological evidence.


DATE                                  DESTINATIONS FROM    TO               NIGHT STAY

01st July 2012                      Assembly in RWP / ISB                               At own
02nd July 2012                     Rawalpindi    Muzzafarabad                         Hotel / Mess

03rd July 2012                     Muzzafarabad    Local Stay                          Hotel / Mess
04th July 2012                      Muzzafarabad    ATH Muqaam                   Camping / Mess
05th  July 2012                     ATH Muqaam    KAIL                               Mess
06th  July 2012                     KAIL    Local Stay                                     Mess
07th July 2012                      Kail    Nikroo (Trek)                                  Camping / Mess
08th  July 2012                     Nikrooo    Back to Kail                              Mess
09th July 2012                      Kail    Karen / Sharda                                 Rest house

10th  July 2012                     Karen / Sharda    Muzaffarabad                  Hotel / Mess
11th  July 2012                     Muzzafarabad    Murree (Optional)             Hotel / Mess
12th  July 2012                     Murree    Rawalpindi                                  Home / Dispersal

Expected expenditure 

The estimated expenditure per participants may vary from 22,000 to 25000/-
This includes transportation / hotel stay / messing / camping / horse fare / Jeep transportation, local tolls from ISB to NEELAM VALLEY & Back.
Last date of confirmation.
In case you are interested please confirm your participation before 15th June 2012.
The dates from 05th to 9th July 2012 may vary as to the road conditions / weather conditions and fitness of the participants / members and the local topographic conditions.

Things to take with you


•    Joggers, trainers, or hiking boots up to ankle high
•    03 pairs of towel socks white colour
•    cap , jungle cap , sola cap
•    Sun glasses
•    Sun block with S.P.F 50 , anti sun block
•    Shooting jacket
•    Jeans , trousers , track suit shalwar kameez
•    T- shirt , sweat shirts
•    Vests , u / wear  Bermuda shorts
•    Shock proof wrists watch , pocket compass
•    Rechargeable flash light and torches
•    Personal medications
•    Towel handkerchief  and towels
•    Chappal and moccasins
•    Mosquito repellants / sprays
•    Personal back pack
•    Warm Clothes jacket / Pullover / Sweaters
•    Sleeping Bags
•    Ground Sheet   
•    Walking stick / Mountain Stick


Provided by the Organizer 

•    Tents  ground sheet / sleeping bags     Optional
•    Pick and shovel
•    Cooking utensils
Gas stove, frying pan, disposable glasses, plastic glasses, plates, fruit knife or sauce pan
•    Walkie /talkie , vehicle mobile charger
•    Generator
•    Masalas, condiments , salt , cooking oil , wheat flour , sugar tea bags , powder milk and rice
•    Tinned fruits cocktails , meat balls , minced meat , meat curry , fish
•    Biscuit saltish and fancy as per your liking loads and loads of them
•    Cold drinks , mineral water in  plastic bottles
•    Whistle & mega phone
•    G.P.R.S phone (If available)
•    Maps general map, topo graphic map, contour map.
•    To top it all by 4 x 4 vehicle / Toyotta Hiace Ace / Hi Roof 
•    First Aid Kit

Daily Trek Notes

•    Reach your next destination point before sunset under no circumstances should you over stretched your self or travel at night.
•    Please mark your route before you start your journey
•    There should be a talc sheet over your map with markings 
•    Permanent marker: - Plan your trek in such away that you are able to make it to your next point with in that day before sunset.

Please start walking and exercise daily by covering 1 mile distance in 15 minutes.
Climb 50 stairs in 10 – 12 minutes
Carry a load of 05 - 10 kg on your back for half to 1 hour

Remember this is a chance to see Mother Nature at its best and those areas of Pakistan where less than 10 % of the population has gone.
So be determined and make a resolve to complete this trip as a challenge for the out doors.



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