Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Living Cultural Heritage of Pakistan

The Living Cultural Heritage of Pakistan

This Lady came to me about 8 years back at that time she had no NIC with her….. She used to sit out side Jamia Islamia Mosque Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi soliciting for arms..
I asked her to get her NIC made but she was reluctant to have her NIC made.
After great motivation and emphasizing the importance of NIC she had her NIC made and since then she has been coming regularly to collect Rations from Raza Charity Trust during the month of Ramzan…..DSC00110

Her age is not known but the NIC says about 65 years but she has developed slight Parkinson-ism and arthritic problems… But she still has lot of drive and vigor in her and recites religious slogans when she comes to collect the Rations.
she wears a lot of stones and agates on her hands and a garland of FEROZA (Turquoise) round her neck.
Why I have put this picture is the persistence and agility of the lady even at this age and according to my professional knowledge she must be crossing 70.
If you meet such people on the roads or streets please do find time to interact and give a word of appreciation and motivation.

These people are the living cultural heritage of Pakistan

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