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Kindly read my exhaustive and investigative report about the mega scam in OGDCL by virtue of which the poor people of Pakistan are being deprived of GAS and energy just to satisfy the whims of the LPG Mafia which is not letting the gas flow to the burners of the poor man. (Please see the attachment)

Very soon I will come on the national media and prove that there is no shortage of gas in this country but only inefficiency, corruption and mala-fide of vested quarters.

Please forward this email to your contacts and well wishers and join me in my crusade against corruption and exploitation. 

Ask yourself what type of Pakistan are we leaving for our future generations?

 Make your voice felt…………………………..


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin
Social Activist

1-       The Prime Minister of Pakistan                                        8.              The Secretary for Petroleum                            
Islamic Republic of Pakistan                                                             & Natural Resources 
Constitution Avenue                                                                           Government of Pakistan
ISLAMABAD.                                                                                     Room No.302, 3rd Floor,

2-       The Honorable                                                                     9.             The Chairman
Chief Justice of Pakistan                                                                    Board of Directors, OGDCL
Government of Pakistan                                                                    OGDCL House, Jinnah Avenue
Constitution Avenue                                                                           ISLAMABAD.

3-       Mr Shahid Khaqan Abbasi                                                10.          Mr. Jahangaiz Khan
Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources                                 President OGDCL Officer
Room No. 301, 3rd Floor, A block Pak Secretariat                         Association, 7th Floor, OGDCL building
 ISLAMABAD.                                                                                    Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area,

4-       Hon’ble Chief Justice                                                        11.          Mr. Masood Malik
Mr. Justice Muhammad Anwar Khan Kasi                                  President, UNITED FRONT              
Islamabad High Court                                                                      OGDCL Officers Association
ISLAMABAD.                                                                                     7th floor, OGDCL building, Jinnah Avenue

5-       The Director General                                                       12.          Choudhry Muhammad Akram
Directorate for Inter                                                                         President, OGDCL Employees
Services Intelligence (ISI)                                                                                Union/C.B.A, OGDCL building,
Government of Pakistan                                                                  Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area,
ISLAMABAD.                                                                                     ISLAMABAD.

6-              The Director General                                                            13.          Raja Muhammad Saleem
Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)                                                 President OGDCL Workers Union
Government of Pakistan                                                                    Plot No 136-137, Street - 16, Sector I-9
ISLAMABAD.                                                                                     ISLAMABAD.

7-               The Director General                                                                          


I, am a shareholder of O.G.D.C.L and I have been attending the A.G.M’s of O.G.D.C.L for the past many years and have been pointing out many anomalies and malpractices which are prevalent in O.G.D.C.L, but every year I raise my points in the AGMS but nothing happens, it seems that my voice is lost in the wilderness and no one is there to listen to me.

The corruption and malpractices in O.G.D.C.L are increasing by leaps and bounds and my heart as a conscientious citizen of Pakistan bleeds when I see that the natural resources of Pakistan are being pilfered and sabotaged by the corrupt mafia and administration which is running O.G.D.C.L. All along it has been my aim of social activism and to purge the society of social injustice, exploitation, corruption, and nepotism. My ultimate goal has always been good governance and an egalitarian society. Also my focus is on ecology and the day to day problems of Pakistan. I am sharing with you my knowledge and experiences and would be asking you for your quicker action against the corrupt mafia. Please take cognizance of this matter and treat this on priority as prompt affective and remedial measures must be undertaken so as to arrange comprehensive investigations against the senior executives of the O.G.D.C.L along with their cronies, who have been involved in embezzlement/corruption/misappropriation of the public exchequer.
To facilitate/ease the investigation into the matter I am presenting forth my mind boggling and investigative details exposing the culprits who have deprived this nation of trillion of rupees in mega corruption which has no similarity in the past or future.

a)      Dakhni-II, plant was to be installed in the year 1990 but so far could not see the light of the day. This is due to favoritism extended to other firms/companies for getting illegal monetary benefits. Why stern & strict action is not being taken against those who are involved in procrastination and such delay’s, which has resulted in over run as a result O.G.D.C.L and our country has been facing severe financial losses of more than many trillion rupees.
b)      CHANDA/ NASHPA, L.P.G Plant & UCH Plant which were essentially required to be installed in the year 2004 & 2007 respectively but are still lying in hibernation and the reason for this delay of more than 4 (four) years. In order to install BOBI Plant is also worth meaningful which is needed to be justified/clarified by the concerned authorities of the O.G.D.C.L.
c)      The lesser production of gas of Qadirpur Plant can be increased in case the old compressors are replaced with new ones but this is not being done deliberately in order to safeguard the interest of other companies in competition. Who is the responsible for this loss of trillion rupees to O.G.D.C.L?
d)     Under what authority that the high ups of O.G.D.C.L are bowing their heads in front of hidden masters that the ZIN project is being dubbed unsuccessful?
e)      Many developmental projects/plants were not completed in due course of time because of non-availability of sufficient funds to open L/C (Letter of Credit) for procurement of machinery. If this is true then why that trillion of rupees have been invested in T-bills and are lying in various banks for what? Who is getting financial benefits from the financial institutions?
f)       The supply of Gas, which is being provided to S.N.G.P.L from the NESHPA field, OGDCL is collecting weekly 60,000 liters of crude oil from the point adjacent to D.I Khan. The productivity of said production/collection of crude oil can be increased if L.P.G Plant was installed at Neshpa in due course of time.
g)      25% L.P.G is being burnt/squandered in the form of ‘flare gases’ at Neshpa, despite having purchased a piece of land for plant that could not be installed as yet… WHY?
h)      The installation of Sinjhoro Plant is deliberately being delayed in the garb of various pretexts to extend favor to the contractors for getting monitory benefits/illegal wealth.

a)      More than Pak Rs.73,00,00,000/-  have been eroded due to embezzlement and corruption by the Administration Department of the O.G.D.C.L on the pretext of repairing, maintenance of O.G.D.C.L building/Head Office Islamabad as well as Masood Mansion F/8 Markaz Islamabad during the last decade where as the said building was constructed in the year 1997 with the total expenses of Rs.53,00,00,000/- and Masood Mansion was bought for Rs.300 million.  Mr. Malik Afzal who was inducted in O.G.D.C.L as Accountant but had his portfolio re-designated three times, now is Manager Administration and has been drawing more than 300 million of rupees per annum through cash imprest in the self-created reasons for purchasing of Furniture, appliances, equipments violating the P.P.R.A rules for fumigation, repair and maintenance. It can be confirmed now that how the financial corruption made by Administration Department by furnishing bogus/fake cash memos and quotations. If strict forensic audit of the Cash Imprest allocated to Administration Department is made by external audit firms for the period from July, 2004 to February, 2014 this glaring anomaly will come to light.
b)      There were three (3) Housing Schemes which were launched by unauthorized O.G.D.C.L employees without legal authority who used the name of O.G.D.C.L. One glaring anomaly is the housing scheme adjacent to Chhattar Park which could not be completed/finalized, resulting in the hard earned money of the employees as well as outsider investors (common man) which has been swallowed by the cheaters. Why the management of the O.G.D.C.L doesn’t take drastic action against the employees of the company who are involved in this type of corruption?
c)      Despite making full payments to CDA the O.G.D.C.L management has failed to take possession of the plot measuring more than 10 (Ten) acres area in Chak Shehzad, Islamabad? What is the reason for this delay?
3.                  SEX SCANDALS:
a)      The reasons behind hushing up of the sex misdemeanors of the employees are not understood. Why no stern, legal or disciplinary action has been taken against the employees who have been found guilty of misconduct involving in sexual scandals. The sex scandals took place in the month of March 2010.  Famous sex scandal of Mr. Tariq Qureshi in the year 2013 as well as the news with photo(s) published on front page of Daily JINNAH Islamabad dated: 11.6.2011 is quoted as proof?
b)      How was Malik Afzal now Manager Administration nominated many times on official tour/trip abroad on irrelevant training programme/courses?
c)      How did he dare to damage the prestige of O.G.D.C.L and his country/nation during official trip abroad by involving himself in immoral/sexual activities despite furnishing undertaking in-writing before proceeding abroad on official tour that “He will never involve himself in any immoral or such activities which will be a cause of earning bad name for company/nation and country” even though he did so but no serious/stern action has been taken against him… WHY?

a)      The fake degree holders are the blue eyed boys of O.G.D.C.L like M/s Choudhry Zafar ex-Executive Director, Col® Shafqat Gondal, ex-General Manager Security, Aijaz Muhammad Khan, ex-General Manager System, Mukhtar Ahmed, ex-Manager HR, Major Matloob Baig ex-Senior Security Officer and other have very kindly been granted safe-passage.WHY?
b)      The rules/regulations are being violated on the pretext of Degree/Certificate(s)’s verification because the employees who dare to pin point the corruption, embezzlement or mis-management are being targeted, humiliated and victimized. The testimonials furnished by M/s Khan Alam, Liaqat Ali (Peter), Malik Afzal, Tariq Qureshi, Arshad Malik, Zahid Bukhtiar, Nasar Warriech, Haroon Rashid and Basharat Mirza have still to  be authenticated. Mr. Khan Alam has forged his matriculation certificate which is revealing his qualifying year of his Matriculation examination at the mere age of 13 years. Mr. Khan Alam furnished fake Matriculation Certificate at the time of his initial appointment making him eligible for employment. How it is it possible to complete Diploma and Bechelor of Engineering Degree by Malik Arshad in same date(s) & year?
c)      How the intellectual Khan Alam qualified his Matric examination at the age of less than 13 years as he declared his date of birth as 17-12-1960 (he tempered to prolong his service upto 2020) and passed Matriculation examination in March, 1973.  Further an inquiry was to be conducted against Mr. Khan Alam on the complaint lodged by Shaikh Waqas. Ex-Chairman Standing Committee for involvement of Mr. Khan Alam in sectarian abuse. Is there any particular aim for posting of Khan Alam in H.R department? And giving him free hand to temper the record/personal files in the H.R department as the other accused and culprit’s desire?
d)     Why the experience certificates are not being verified simultaneously of degree/certificate/diplomae. Many employees like Malik Afzal, Khan Alam, Basharat Mirza, and Arshad Malik furnished experience certificates at the time of their induction but O.G.D.C.L management is not utilizing their experience which can be easily read between the lines as it may be due to dubious experience certificates.
e)      As per notification issued by the Establishment Division, Government of Pakistan in the year 2011 the process for verification of degree/certificates furnished by the employees in Grade-17 & above at the time of their induction was required to be completed within 45 days but the said process is still continuing and still so far has not been completed. Slowing down measures are now being used on personal liking-disliking basis. It is astonishing to note that the law/rule which was promulgated for the people who contested the elections but they are now once again sitting in Senate and Legislative Assemblies despite having fake degrees. The pharaohs of ODGCL are using this rule against the sincere employees loyal to O.G.D.C.L.
f)       The authorities of H.R department are equally responsible for the misconduct of submission fake degrees/certificate/diploma’s by the concerned individuals, because the H.R department failed to get verification of the testimonials of the employees during their probationary period. The reason for taking drastic/harsh action against the people/employee (s) is not understood. The employees who have completed qualifying service more than 25, 30 years are being punished whereas the criminal who are looting national/public ex-chequer against the bogus/fake cash memos are being treated as son-in-laws.
g)      The degree/certificate/diploma of M/s Aslam Niazi, Nasar Warriech, Haroon Rashid, Liaqat Ali (Peter) & Malik Afzal have not been sent to the concerned educational institutions for verification. Is this not a mala-fide / wrong intention of the management to spoil the career of other officers?
h)      During last 5 (Five) years the rules/regulations and promotion policies have been violated by the management of the O.G.D.C.L. For example Mr. Aslam Niazi have been granted accelerated/twice promotion within 4 (Four) months? (This can be verified from the records)

a)      A civil suit is under progress in Peshawar High Court and Mr. Basharat Mirza is suspected to be involved in theft case of Neshpa/Chanda LPG Plant. Beside he is being tried /investigated by the NAB for the charge of misappropriation in J.J.V.L. Due to his involvement in criminal case(s) he is not eligible to be assigned exceptional responsibilities of E.D (HR) and E.D (SBP). He is therefore taking advantage and manipulating the record as per his own accord to get relief from the courts/NAB, hence should immediately be removed or suspended in the best interest of the company as he is facing / fighting litigation cases at the expenses of the company.
b)      Mr. Basharat Mirza who is holding fake MBA degree from abroad (Not recognized in Pakistan) is also main accused in the corruption case of J.J.V.L. He awarded contract to a company headed by his patronages violating the rules/regulations on 26.11.2012 a drama was played to set the J.J.V.L plant on fire resulting in the supply of gas being suspended while the gas supply is still continuing to the contractor through clandestine routes as per reports available. Are the crimes of Mr. Basharat Mirza less than the mistakes of junior employees who were granted monitory benefit of increments by the management on submission of so-called fake degree/certificates and they are being awarded major penalty of dismissal from the services rendered by junior employees for a considerable period of more than 25 and 30 years?
c)      That O.G.D.C.L is capable/equipped to produce more than 1000 metric tons of LPG but is only producing 150 metric tons LPG. What is the rationale behind this mega scam?
a)      Undue payment of Rs.2,120 million to SSGL upon termination of LPG Extraction agreement with JJVL has been made by Mr. Rafi E.D (Finance/CFO) without following the rule/regulation/procedure. This type of payment is attributed to indirect financial support to hidden contractor at JJVL.  Now here a question arises who forced him to perform this illegal act?
b)      It is amazing to point out that O.G.D.C.L management charters an aircraft to facilitate the employees working in ZIN area after selling its own Twin-otter aircraft while the chartered flight does not take the employees up to ZIN. This is attributed to the financial corruption by taking bribe, commission or kick-backs from the Aero clubs. This third party outsourcing of charter flights should be investigated. 
c)      What is the aim/purpose of posting of technical executives in H.R Department?
This is gross mis-management because the officers who got employments in O.G.D.C.L by virtue of their technical qualification & experience are now working on non-technical positions with extra incentive of Technical Allowance/Pay. It seems that these officers who have been inducted in O.G.D.C.L on technical positions are incompetent to perform technical jobs? The HR department should explain the reason of posting technical people to soft skills department.
d)     There are many inquiries against the executives who have been involved in patronage of pilferage/stealing of gas from pipe lines/bouzers, theft of Sulpher stock causing huge financial losses to the company but they could not be punished so far.
e)      Mostly employees in S.C.M department are involved in corruption and they are earning illegal money for sharing the secret information. The companies who are supporting these corrupt O.G.D.C.L officers/executives are rewarding them and at the same time pressurizing the management for their promotions.
f)       Why the executives like Basharat Mirza, Khan Alam, Arshad Malik and Malik Afzal are not being punished for (as they are) earning from O.G.D.C.L but working for the interest of their nurtures and playing role of  his-master-voice for other companies like Shehzad International and Iqbal Z. Ahmed. They are obtaining financial benefits like commissions, kick-backs and gifts in recognition of their services for their supporters outside O.G.D.C.L; hence, they are a cause of tremendous financial loss to O.G.D.C.L. There are many documentary evidences are available to unveil such type of corruption.
g)      The authorities of H.R department are equally responsible for the misconduct of submission fake degrees/certificate/diploma’s by the concerned individuals, because the H.R department failed to get verification of the testimonials of the employees during their probationary period. The reason for taking drastic/harsh action against the people/employee (s) is not understood. The employees who have completed qualifying service more than 25, 30 years are being punished whereas the criminal who are looting national/public ex-chequer against the bogus/fake cash memos are being treated as son-in-laws.

h)      It is an irrefutable fact that there is no shortage of natural gas in the country. The load-shedding of Gas is an artificial tool for criminal minded executives of the O.G.D.C.L who are collecting black money. These figure-n-facts are available to prove the charge. Further the details have already been published in Daily NAYA AKHBAR, Islamabad dated: 28.02.2014.
a)      As per company policy no one can be posted on a position for the period more 3 (Three) years but a person who got three time redesignations and postings is working in Administration department for the last 10 (Ten) years. Is he exempted from the law/rules and regulations of the company? The senior executives/officers working in Admin department have been found guilty of sheer negligence in hiring/rehiring and purchase of bullet-proof vehicle. The matter is being investigated by the NAB but nobody has been removed from Admin department, which is attributed to full support of high ups who are being obliged by Malik Afzal utilizing OGDCL money to promote his public relations.
b)      Who is the responsible for irregularities/anomalies in hiring/rehiring and purchase of Rigs from China? In this case an immense financial loss has been given to O.G.D.C.L.
c)      The O.G.D.C.L management is continuously involved in contempt of courts. Because the orders/decisions of the honorable courts in favor of employees are not being implemented. Who will be held responsible if the courts summoned and punished MD/CEO for this charge i.e. contempt of the court?
d)     In the year 2011, Mr. Khan Alam was found guilty of misconduct of forgery/tempering the ‘noting/remarks’ penned by Malik Naeem, ex-MD/CEO, in the inquiry held against him on the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Despite being declared main accused in the inquiries he has not yet been punished but is being rewarded. Its further pertinent to point out that Mr. Khan Alam had been getting reimbursement of landline telephone installed at his residence in Islamabad against fake/bogus Telephone bill(s) whereas he was supposed to do so against the telephone installed at his native town for which he was claiming Rota/fare to-n-fro field and home town i.e. Skurdu. Is this called ‘honesty’of Mr. Khan Alam?
e)      Mostly technical executives were promoted to the position of Manager(s) against the vacant/sanctioned posts of the Field/Parties/Rigs but they got STAY ORDER from the honorable courts on their transfers to the fields/parties/rigs but the management has not yet filed the case/suit for cancellation of said stay order which is intact for the last 7-8 years.
8.                  All nominated forgers/corrupt executives of the O.G.D.C.L like Mr. Basharat Mirza, Muhammad Rafi, E.D (Finance)/CFO ( who is Head of Finance/Account and Audit department simultaneously, how can he pin point the misappropriation/financial corruption), Khan Alam, Arshad Malik, Malik Afzal, should be dismissed, suspended or removed from their present positions in order to match the cannon of natural justice before initiation of investigations against them as well as the properties made by them from the black-money earned from O.G.D.C.L must be confiscated in favor of our motherland Pakistan.
9.                  Being the head of corrupt management, Mr. Riaz Khan, Acting MD/CEO should be required to clarify his position failing which he should resign from his post before the FIRs are lodged by the complainant(s) for the corruptions mentioned above.

In the name of transparency, equality fair play and justice I appeal to the masses of Pakistan the public at large, the workers of O.G.D.C.L and Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo-motto action on this with the directives to constitute a Joint Investigation Team (JIT), comprising the Judiciary, ISI, FIA, IB, NAB and Technocrat(s) and to restore the natural resources of Pakistan which belongs to the people of Pakistan for use by the people of Pakistan.      

Dr. Babur Zahiruddin
Shareholder O.G.D.C.L
Folio No. 04705- 7472

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  1. Tariq Qureshi is again trying or under pressure of CBA president Chowdhury Akram(he has taken bribe) to hire candidates which have got below 40 marks in NTS.