Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ramzan Activity 2015

19th June 2015.
Today the first of RAMZAN 19th June 2015 ………. RAMZAN has come in the middle of summers with the mid of June and beginning of July. Hope the Monsoon season comes in as a blessing in disguise as this will bring respite from the scorching heat and load shedding.
Again this Ramzan I made a pledge to say my prayers with JAMAAT as much as possible and to help the needy and poor ……. Hope that I am able to keep up my pledges.
I had to get up early in the morning as my handy man Mr. Ishaq (Kaloo) urged me to go to the clinic early as he was expecting a rush of Zakat recipients and I complied with him and reached the clinic at about 10.15 am and found a few odd people waiting for me and their number was not more than 10.
However some late wild card entries were there who were accommodated as their cards were made and their Rations distributed.
There was a trickle of few more recipients till the time of Jumma Prayers at about 1.30 and the mosque was again full to the brim and I had to take my place on the third floor to offer my prayers.    
This year as the registration for the recipients of Zakat recipient was concluded much before the advent of Ramzan and for which we have registered about 920 cases on regular basis and 50 people on ad hoc basis leaving some room for wild card entries and the disabled people. The target is 1000 people. We started distribution of the Rations about 14 days before the start of Ramzan and so far the figure of 475 persons has been completed.
There is a lot of time between Zohar / Asar and Maghrib prayers so one should after reciting the Holy Quran take some rest because these are long fast of more than 17 hours.
In the mosque at AFTARI initially there were about 30 – 40 people and by the time of AFTARI there were about 120 people. Edibles were more than adequate enough and in the end I had to distribute the leftovers after the Maghrib prayers.
This year again as usual we made prior arrangements for the provision for COLD SHARBAT at Aftari for which again I have to send out an appeal for bottles of Roh Afza and Sugar sufficient for on daily basis. The ordeal of making the Sharbat still remains for which ice has to be bought from the market and the syrup made to make the Sharbat sweet. Today the sharbat was very cold and sweet as other people also came in with their share of Roh Afza.
Many people have come out with their share of Fidiya and a pleasant surprise was my old Abdalian friend Col. Khokhar from Canada who saw my activities on facebook and sent in his share from Canada via his Son Col Faisal Khokhar another Abdalian of 35th Entry.

Again there is shortage of glasses, plates and Jugs for the distribution of the Aftari and Sharbat…. Hope I am able to make up the deficiency tomorrow.
The month of RAMZAN is for caring sharing and helping others………………. We at RAZA Charity Trust are making our effort in a humble way………. And would like people to come forward and help us………
The money collected so far today is Rs. 534,000/- and the target is 11,00,000/- still a half way to go but not impossible as many friends have sent in their pledges which are in the pipeline still I have to remind many of the people who donated last year to renew their pledges.
Hope the hot spell of weather takes a change and becomes pleasant with welcome showers which is much needed.
I hope the first Ashra of RAMZAN NAMAT passes like last year away with the weather becoming cool and serene with the much needed rains.

20th June 2015.
20th June 2015 being a Saturday in the morning I was awakened by a call from the clinic that the truck load of Ghee Rations was there and they were stacking it in the Zakat Room also that there were about 15 Zakat Recipients waiting.
Today was the 2nd day of RAMZAN 20th June 2015……….it was a very hot day in the morning but brought a sigh of relief for the whole of PINDI in the evening I can’t say the whole of Pakistan as the weather became extremely pleasant………… Rains expected.
The dilemma of load shedding which came for one hour and went away for 2 hours coupled with lack of water which completed the misery of the problems faced by the Pindites. We distributed Rations to about 53 people today bringing the total today to 525 people.
The point here which I am going to emphasize here is that it is a dam difficult job in Pakistan to make the old ladies make a line…………….and ask them to be disciplined, whereas the men folk are disciplined, organized and patient……….
May be the Chinese example may come in handy some times in Pakistan………but I will talk about it some other time.
I am forgetting my lecture in ANGER MANAGEMENT ………… A favorite Topic of my lecture in my Human Resource Presentations of which I usually boast about……… but as a human being ones knowledge is far from complete and one learns everything new day by day………..may be today what I learnt was something even the BUDDHA’s disciples would have not learnt that to keep your brain in the deep freezer when confronted with adverse circumstances.
Last year I made a world wild appeal to the philanthropist, general public at large, diplomats and bureaucrats to come forward with their donation for the food and fodder for the animals of the IDP’s of North Waziristan they are still in a very deplorable conditions. 
Today being Saturday the congregation in the Jamia Islamia mosque was not more than 700 people and the sermon was relating to the rituals of fasting i.e. that GOD does not need us to go hungry or to abstain from taking food, but the essence and crux of fasting pivots round the point that we do not speak any lies refrain from petty talk back biting, do not cause mental and physical harm to anyone and above all  be patient and forgiving and at the same time share our joys and sorrows with the poor people who are less fortunate than we are…
Today the collection of the initial IPO of Bank of Allah unlimited collection is still at Rs. 5,34, 000/- and Rs. 30,000/- came in from Dr. NABILA BABUR and 500 tins of Cooking Oil were purchased from the Cooking Mill.
All of my friends are invited for AFTARI in the JAMIA ISLAMIA MOSQUE every day of Ramzan at Aftari time.
Come and see for yourself how the words are being turned into practicality by following the tenets of Islam of equality, brotherhood and fraternity.    
In the afternoon I was contacted by Lt. Col Faisal Khokhar S/o Col. Khokhar a very old friend of mine who came all the way from Mangla to hand me over their contribution towards FIDIYA as there were 3 bank holidays in a row and money could not be sent via the banking channels. 
After ASAR I went to the mosque to prepare for the AFTARI and new plates and glasses were put in today so that we are able to cater for 150 people plus but the head count for glasses fell short and more glasses have to be put in tomorrow.
The number of people for Aftari was more than 150 and the edibles were also in abundance and by the time it was the call of the MUAZZIN to prayers so many edibles had come in that were shared by the people in their plates and distributed even after the prayers.
3 more bottles of Rooh Afza came in as a last minute donation which was added to the tub of Sharbat which I was making and hence the sharbat served today was very cold & Sweet much to the liking of the ROZADAR’s.
Many friends were contacted today by me to send in their pledges while some are still on the waiting list.
Again my request for funds goes out for my donors to come forward and help me in my Charity Drive.
In the end I would again like to thank my friends, family members, colleagues and my acquaintances from the corporate world who’s donation, encouragement are coming in and making my charity campaign a success……….

21st June 2015
Today the 3rd of RAMZAN (Sunday)………. The electricity problem exacerbated with greater intensity bringing with it the paraphernalia of associated problems…….not to talk of the problems anymore because as they say which cannot cured must be endured. The memory of the Pakistani public is very short as they forgotten the emotional speech of Shahbaz Sharif who in the rhetoric of points scoring claimed that he will correct the problem of Load shedding within 06 months otherwise his name will be changed. So much for his speech.
The preferential load shedding in Pakistan where the sectors of F-8/4, E-7, President house Diplomatic enclave, Bharia town, Wapda Colony, Army House, Chaklala Garrison, Corp Commander’s House  and the personal house of PM Nawaz Sharif in defense Lahore was / are exempt from load shedding at the expense of the poor people of Pakistan………. This is a high case of bad governance.
This is the breed of leaders that we have………… and now compare it with the leaders of CHINA in 1948 when the great MAO TZE TUNG refused to ride on a imported vehicle saying that when the whole of the population of china can afford this vehicle then I will ride on a imported vehicle…….. for that moment he rode on a bus along with his team members to inspect the  peoples hall in the red square in Beijing.
CAN U Produce any leaders like that? The answer is very simple such leaders are within us and have to be found out and given a chance but this election have proven me wrong that this nation is obsessed with self immolation and committing suicide by giving their votes to the failed leaders again and again. This is an extreme case of obsessional neurosis when they expect that this time the results will be different but the same results make a mockery of their votes. 
Coming back to my ZAKAT efforts we brought the total to 975 people registered and target is 1000 people. We have few slots for the handicapped old and infirm. 
Today being 21st June 2015 the longest day has two significance one in the g geographical perspective and one in the historical perspective. From this day today onwards the length of the day will start receding till the time it meets the vernal equinox that is when the length of the day and night become equal that happens when the night & day become equal in duration this happens on 20th March and 22nd of September when the nights start becoming longer.
The second important historical aspect is The  Longest Day is also a 1962 war film based on the 1959 book The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan, about the D-Day landings at Normandy on June 6, 1944, during World War II.
In addition, several cast members – including Fonda, Genn, More, Steiger and Todd – saw action as servicemen during the war, with Todd actually being among the first British officers to land in Normandy in Operation Overlord and he in fact participated in the assault on Pegasus Bridge.
It was a very hot day I was somehow or the other put under pressure by the extreme of the weather along with low voltage and lethargy as today being Sunday offices were closed and it was also a time for siesta.
In the mosque many things came for AFTARI but somehow or the other the plates and glasses were a little less in numbers as compared to the ROZADAR’s. May be tomorrow I can shake of my lethargy and go to the bazzar to buy more plastic plates and glasses for Mosque I hope I am able accomplish this task.
A pleasant surprise came in late Sunday night when I was called by Brig Khizar Company Secretary FFBL  that my comrade in arms Lt Gen Haroon Aslam (SSG) now CEO of FFBL has promised to donate towards my charity effort.
The money collection still remains at Rs. 5,34, 000/- but I am hopeful that the spirit of Ramzan of fasting, praying, caring, sharing and helping others will pickup and my target will be met.
I would like to THANK all my friends once again that with their help & support from a very small Charity in 2002 I have come this far to 2015 where my annual budget is now above 24,00,000/- per year.
Thank you my friends……….

22nd June 2015……..
Today the 04th of RAMZAN being Monday ………..  despite my best possible efforts to come to the clinic on time I was bogged down due to home commitments (low voltage and cooler problems) and the chores associated with it but finally was able to reach clinic at about 1145 am.
On reaching the clinic I found the recipients of ZAKAT waiting as they were more than 50 in number and to my surprise 50% of them were not fasting and were asking my attendants for cold water now and then. It is very difficult to make this nation disciplined as despite my repeated attempts to ask them to make a line they find it their personal privilege to jump the line and make a rush at the entry gate. I requested for volunteers to come and help me with the ZAKAT distribution but none has come so far and I am forced to work with my office staff and one hired temporary help which is not sufficient to manage the work load.
The Ration Distributions are going on smoothly as the distributors of EVA oil and Khan Flour Mills have sent us the Rations without even asking for the payment and sugar has already been partially packed.      
Many electrical gadgets in my home are out of order since the past 01 week as I could not tend to my home chores because of my preoccupation with ZAKAT registration. However I will tend to them once the rush of Ration distribution subsides.
Another very important aspect today is the long line of CNG vehicles and domestic load shedding which has started with intense severity and the media is reporting on the channels but there is no relief to the common man of Pakistan because of corruption and mismanagement. One very sad aspect of this heat wave is the death of more than 150 people in Karachi because of heatstroke and lack of water. 
On this front I had the matter investigated from my side and wrote a complaint to the hierarchy of Pakistan about the state of affairs in OGDCL and the corruption of 7 trillion rupees but no action was taken by the Mona Liza Smile bearing Minister of petroleum and Natural resources Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who unfortunately happens to be a close acquaintance of mine. Such is the state of loot and plunder in this country that the politicians are only there to rape the nation and pilfer the rich natural resources we have.
On the Zakat front as my registration count has gone above 960 and we have crossed this figure and hit 970. Many Zakat recipients this year are very contented as we have done pre Ramzan registration and the long queues are no more there. However many of the old people registered last year are no longer there in this world. This is how life goes on and on and I wonder that after me how will this process continue as none of my successors are in Pakistan to look after the Charity drive may be GOD will send someone in my place ……….
Still isolated trickle of cases keep on coming and I really feel sorry for them as I have reached my saturation point and cannot accommodate more than 1000 cases.
This year we started the distribution of the Rations much early as compared to the preceding 12 years when we used to give out the rations on the 19 / 20 / 21 of Ramzan. This has all been possible because some of my major donors sent in their contribution one month in advance and also the suppliers have not asked me for the payment despite the fact that they have delivered the Rations to my clinic……… no questions asked.
After Asar prayers I went to the mosque at about 6.45 and found that the arrangements have been made satisfactorily and I started making the SHARBAT for distribution at that time. This time because the number of Rozadar’s has gone up to 130 hence we have made arrangements for 2 tubs and today the salient feature was the addition of lime juice to the Sharbat.
Today the distribution of the Sharbat took a very long time as I was distributing till the rising of the Jamat hence I had to just join my first RAKAAT of Maghrib prayers.
The Aftari today was just sufficient and was distributed in an orderly manner.
I received a call from one of my friends Mr. Khurshid Zafar from Askari Bank a SEVP / President material, asking me about my welfare and also giving me the information about his donation which will come in tomorrow to this I remarked that now you are an SEVP so your donation should also commensurate with your status.   I thanked him and would also like others to follow suit and emulate his example.
The money collection today still stands at Rs. 5,34, 000/- hopefully that the spirit of Ramzan of fasting, praying, caring, sharing and helping others will pickup and my target will soon be met.
Again a request to all of you to join me for aftari in Jamia Islamia Mosque Kashmir road Rawalpindi.

                                GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU……..

23rd June 2015
Today Tuesday the 05th of RAMZAN ………. In Ramzan things go slow here in Pakistan and business activity comes to a standstill more or less and to top it all the heat becomes unbearable…..
Today early morning at about 10.15 I had to go to college road to purchase a heavy duty voltage stabilizer for my house as the voltage coming in was less than 170 Amperes in my locality as a result of which the AC’s fridge’s and heavy duty motors were not working.
The cost of one 1500 Watts stabilizers with four relays was Rs. 16000/- but when it dawned upon me that it was so heavy and voluminous that it could not be transported by motorbike. So we decided to leave the stabilizer there and pick it up the next day on vehicle.
As a result I reached the clinic at about 11.45 am despite my best efforts to reach early found about 40 / 45 of the Zakat Recipients waiting outside in the heat. Luckily Mr. Ishaq nick named Kaloo had done the prior entry and verification so it took about a half an hour for me to vet it and then we started the ration distribution which finished at about 1.30 and we closed the Ration stand.
In the afternoon had a well deserved nap and got up at 5.15 pm to say my Asar prayers in the clinic and then sent the ingredients for Aftari to the mosque via Mr. Kaloo as the ice becomes scarce just before the Maghrib prayers.
As regards the Sharbat preparation is concerned I took with me 02 bottles of Roh Afza and about 3 kgs of sugar and when I had made the tub 2 more bottles came in hence the sharbat was sweet like honey. Another addition was two 1.5 litres Olpers milks which was added to the Sharbat tub which was something new for the Rozadars.
Very little Aftari came in today hence I had to make stop gap arrangements and purchase more edibles from the Rahry wala outside the mosque. Sometimes people do send in their share but mostly it is catered by me on ad-hoc basis. The glasses and plates again fell short hence will have to be replenished tomorrow.

Today also I received an invitation for Aftari on Saturday by Maj Gen Mazhar Ishaq which will be an Eye Specialist get together. Such invitations are not much of a pleasure for me for I have to forego the mass (DUA) just before Aftari where all the things that you want from GOD almighty are easily realized.
If you do not make (DUA) before the opening of the fast it is just like a laborer who works the whole day and does not ask for his wages. This is just like that you are asking GOD almighty the rewards of your fasting just before you open your fast. This is a time when the rozadar is in direct communication with God almighty.
Any way
Reading my daily updates one of friends has suggested that I should handover the SHARBAT campaign to the mosque’s administration because it is like an ordeal for me…………….. Maybe my friend does not know the ground realities and PSYCHE of our MULLAH’s and how things are mismanaged where the proverb prevails.
About the conduct of the Mullah may be I will deliberate in my subsequent daily updates.
The weather today is behaving mild, cool breeze is blowing and rains are expected hope that they come early today……a small drizzle will bring with it a pleasant change in the weather.
The money collected so far Rs. 5, 44, 000/- as RS.10,000/- came in from my old friend Safdar (late) through his son Atif Safdar. The number of people to whom Rations have been distributed is about 575 another 425 more to go. The total number of recipient registered today is 970 as some disability cases are trickling in.
All friends and well wishers are again requested to come forward with their pledges and donations and join me for Aftari in the mosque.

24th June 2015

Today the 06th of RAMZAN ………. Being Wednesday is a another slow day in Pakistan but still some activity is there in the usual business pattern. It seems in Ramzan nothing goes on as usual as the Rozadar’s seem more inclined towards relaxing and taking it easy.
Rawalpindi last night was blessed with welcome showers which made the weather very pleasant and it was fun to go outdoors as a result of this the voltage coming in was about 210 which made the AC’s work and the UPS started charging.
When I came to the clinic there were about more than 30 people waiting for me to do the verification. Luckily part of the verification was done by my handy man Mr. Ishaq (kaloo) but some nitty gritty had to be taken care of as more and more people came in and the number swelled above 45 which took about 2 hours for documentation and finally when the sequalae of Ration distribution came there was complete order in front of the Ration Store as the ration was distributed in a uniform manner.
I managed by making 2 lines of ladies and gents separately and also made a line of the old and infirm separately but in Pakistan queue and line is as if you are showing a red flag to the bull because many wanted to jump the line which caused problem for me but finally with the will of all mighty Allah we were able to finish the Ration distribution at about 2.30 pm.
I was drenched in sweat and Atta debris when I came to my room so I had a quick shower and offered late Qaza prayers of Zohar and finally hit my make shift sleeping bed at about 3.45 pm and tried to take a cat nap.   
The total registered person comes to about 976 and today this completes the half of the first ASHRA of NIAMAT which comes to an end by the 10th of Ramzan.
In the mosque today there was slight problem with the so called USTAD’s of the Talib – e – Elams as they do not come to have Aftari with the usual Rozadar’s but send in their students to collect Aftari which causes problem in the distribution because they send in big PARATS which is difficult to fill as regards the plates which are small in volume. How can these Ulma’s lead us when they start teaching their pupils to go beg and collect food items for them?
In the mosque the ROOH AFZA was very very cold sweet and in abundance and the campaign for the AFTARI edibles was also in full swing as the number of ROZADAR’s has increased but the last minute entry just before the MOAZZAN call at MAGRIB creates problem because at that time very few plates are left and I have to accommodate these late comers to share their plates with those already sitting.
The weather in PINDI / ISB became very pleasant in the evening because of the drizzle and winds. Hope the weather remains like this along with the minds of the public on the road. These days everyone seems to be on razor edge and is ready to fight for no reason at all. The inflation in the market has hit hard the common man as despite the price reduction in the utility stores there is hardly any rush in the USC outlets.
The money collected so far today is Rs. 5, 69, 000/-  My family friends from USA Mr. Zafar Mehmood  and Nasir Mehmood sent in their contribution of Rs. 10, 000/- and Rs. 15000/- respectively. The total number of persons to whom Rations has been distributed comes to about 635 as some disability cases do come in who are accommodated on compassionate basis.
Some of my old lazy, sleepy and lethargic friends were rung up by me today to send in their contributions to which they have responded positively……….. keeping my fingers crossed. 
Hope you have a nice week but do try to spend it with some poor orphans or the needy and poor and then you will realize how fortunate and blessed you are.
Do thank GOD for his countless blessings and NIAMAT’S…………

25th June 2015
Today Thursday the 07th of RAMZAN ………. Being Thursday the mid of the week  as in German they call mittwolk some hold it like a spiritual day in which the devoted go and pray at the Mazaar’s and lay offering and flowers…………but so far there is no authentication on that as corroboration from religious sources is lacking and Thursday should be considered another normal week day.
At 10.30 I left the house and stopped at my favorite bank branch at Haider Road, and deposited the cheques and cash which is coming in trickle by trickle. It is very difficult to keep accounts of such contributions and donations for charitable purposes as it is considered a sacred trust and once the people are convinced of your honesty and integrity then they trust you blindfolded.
When I came to the clinic there were about more than 25 people waiting for me for their Rations and Ration distributed in a uniform manner. There were only two wild card entries which were handicapped for which fresh cards were made.
The number of people to whom Rations has been distributed comes to about 660 and the money collected so far is Rs.5, 94,000/- as today Rs. 10,000/- came from Mrs. Shakila Shahid UK and another Rs.15000/- from one of my friends from the corporate world who likes to remain anonymous. In the initial stages I also received Rs. 15000/- from Mr. Bakhtiar Kazmi (KPMG) who is a fresh donor and his contribution is more than welcome.
Again call reminders were sent to donors who have gone into hibernation while some again reiterated their pledges while the task is on to rope in new donors.
As usual the afternoon siesta which was rudely broken by the load shedding at 5.00 pm and time to say Asar prayers write the daily update and to make preparations for Aftari at the Jamia Islamia Mosque.
In the mosque another two dozen glasses and one dozen plates were put in as the number of Rozadars has swelled up. The ROOH AFZA prepared yesterday was very very cold and in abundance and was left over after the prayers so today I exercised caution and made limited Sharbat but still as the weather is cold some sharbat was left over after the Aftari.
One contentious point for me are the last minute entry who come just before the MOAZZAN call at MAGRIB and it creates problems for me.
Late night the ISHA prayers which are offered with full zeal and religious fervor and a little time to meditate and thank GOD for his countless blessing.
Again in the end like always I would like to thank my friends, family members, colleagues and my acquaintances from the corporate world who’s donation, encouragement are coming in and making my charity campaign a success……….
26th June 2015
Today the 8th of RAMZAN ………. Friday being one of the special days for Muslims and the ritual of congregation, things come to a stop in Pakistan and business activity comes to a standstill more or less to top it all the heat becomes unbearable..
In the morning reached clinic early and found only a few recipients of Rations who did not exceed more than 10 waiting for their turn who were given their Rations in a few minutes and ration stand was closed at about 1.00 O’ Clock.
After my ablution reached JAMIA ISLAMIA at about 1.15 pm and was in time for the Friday congregation. The sermon was that of payment of Zakat which is one of the pillars of Islam and is like a religious insurance for your Health and wealth. This tenet of Islam is also voluntary and obligatory and is must for those who are well to do and enjoy good status in life.
As it was JUMMA there was great rush in the mosque due to Friday prayers that I had to find my place on the third storey of the mosque.
I asked myself this question…………. Where have all these Namazee’s come from?
What happens to these NAMAZEEE’s in days other than RAMZAN?
Are we Muslims for RAMZAN only?
What happens to us when RAMZAN is over?
Where does are religious spirit go after RAMZAN?
What happens to us in SHAWAAL?
This reminds me of the famous RHYMED couplet of ALLAMA IQBAL

The encouraging point is that the collection is now coming to about Rs. 7, 19, 000/- in which Rs. 25,000/-  was sent in by Mr. Aftab Ahmed who is a regular donor and Rs. 100,000/- was sent in by FFBL a very big corporate entity of Pakistan through the courtesy of one of my SSG friend and my comrade in  Arms Lt. Gen (R) Haroon Aslam. Some times when I meet him on the occasion of the AGM’s of FFBL in PC Rawalpindi I joke with him “Sir by the stroke of pen you would have been sitting one thousand yards away from this place”. There is a deep seated message in this and those who are wise can decipher in between the lines.  

One thing I must say that we here are getting better organized and the SOP’s are being laid out  and to top it all contrary to my expectations the ladies are also behaving well……… and making lines for registration.
A path and a vision has to be shown to this nation and they will follow you provided they see leadership qualities in you……. This reminds me of IQBAL’s famous couplet
I hope that NUMI / moisture has set in and now the seed has to be sown for germination and harvesting.
Coming back to the ZAKAT effort we completed registration 975 people the target is still 5 days away…
The total number of people whom ration has been distributed stands at 669 another 331 more to go.
I must elaborate here that majority of the ladies coming in for registration do not fast and keep on asking for water from my attendants…….. that is something between GOD and his people……but it sets a bad example for others…………
On the mosque front somehow or the other SHARBAT ROOH AFZA was arranged. The important point here is that 3 extra bottles of Roh Afza came in along with ice which made the Sharbat very cold and sweet.  Friday is also a day when people send in excess Aftari as compared to other days and my plates swell up. In normal days I have about 120 – 125 Rozadar’s for aftari but today on Friday it swelled up to 150 plus. GOD is putting barkat in the effort and my other friends are also contributing in this. JAZAKALLAH.
At the time of the call of the moazzin the distribution of the sharbat starts as last year there was complete fiasco and pandemonium as I was being mobbed by the recipients and I many a times had to sacrifice my SHALWAR QAMEEZ to the frequent spill over of the SHARBAAT. Now I go to the mosque in jogging trousers and T-Shirts.
This year we are putting a moratorium on the distribution of the SHARBAT after the Azan and the marshalling plan has been set in place for orderly distribution.

Today again I received a phone call from one of my corporate acquaintance who appreciated the efforts put in by me for my CHARITY drive. I would like to thank him for his kind words and hope others will also emulate his example……..as RABINDAR NATH TAGORE said that one candle lights another candle and in this way the world can be lit…………        
Today I asked a group of young interns in Askari Bank “What is a team” the answer to this was lacking from them, I will reply to this in detail in my Ramzan updates sometimes later.
Ramzan is a month of caring, sharing and helping the others if you see someone without a smile give him yours.

27th June 2015
Today the 9th of RAMZAN ……….
There was no respite from the hot warm weather as the welcome rains are much awaited coupled with the curse of the load shedding and we continued with our activities braving the odds against us.
Yesterday I put a question to all of you “WHAT IS A TEAM”?
A team is defined as a group of people who may not be equal in age, qualification, experience, rank and status but are grouped together for the achievement of a common goal.
The importance of team work can well be envisaged that on the political scenario we have many political leaders amongst which Imran Khan is a potential leader but he does not has a good team which can deliver. Most of the people gathered around him are opportunists who are in the party not for the love of the party but because of the anti PPP and PML-N sentiments. Hope Imran khan awakes from the slumber in which he is in and tries to get good professionals around him. 
Even the smallest unit of a society which is a house must have team work where the both husband and wife team work together to perform miracles that is bringing up their children.
In the morning when I came to the clinic there were small no of people who came in for collection of their rations was about 14. One point I want to emphasize here that a new problem of impersonation is as young girls brandishing their mothers NIC under a veiled NIQAAAB try to get RATIONS for which they are not eligible. The antidote for this is to solicit the services of one of the senior lady recipient who is responsible to verify their BONA FIDES.   
When I started this trust way back in 2002 I kept it as a low keyed family affair with the major portion of donations coming in from my SON SALMAN RAZA ALIM and myself……….but little did I know that this charity will grow with geometrical progression and leaps and bounds.
The activity which used to subside after RAMZAN now takes place all the year round. There are the monthly arrangements of marriages of deserving girls, medical expenses, finding suitable employment and putting the people in employment mode and helping people on case to case basis.
This has been possible because many friends and corporate entities have come forward and are donating for our CHARITY.
In the afternoon took the unusual liberty of taking a well deserved nap and got up in time for ASAR PRAYERS after that started getting ready to go to the Aftar at Jacaranda Club DHA-2 hosted by Maj Gen Mazhar Ishaq, commandant AFIO Rawalpindi.  As usual the home ministry was late in getting ready but somehow or the other just made it to the venue when the Moazzin was calling for prayers. Those of you interested in going there must be ready to walk quite a bit as the parking is quite far away and if the home ministry is wearing heels then add another 5 minutes for the slow walk.
It was quite lively gathering meeting of old acquaintances and having gup shup I dilated upon the IDP’s scenario and also on Zarb – e – Asb.
In the mean time our arrangements for delivery of RATIONS is nearly complete  The ATTA has to be purchased ….the budget for that is about 3, 75,000/- and this amount is very much in hand……….the only problem is the storage of the consignment because I cannot keep 1000 bags of flour in the open less there may be rain or moisture sets in.
Ghee has also been arranged courtesy of Mr. Raja Ejaz of Utility Stores Corporation who has arranged it from EVA Banaspati brand.
The Ration distribution programme is now going very slow because the majority of the people have already taken their rations.
The total number of people whom ration has been distributed stands at 683 another 317 more to go. The recipients are slow in coming in and the long lines are no longer there……
Still a long way to go seems far but not difficult and I am hopeful that over the weekend funds will come in from sleepy donors. 
The amount collected remain static at Rs. 7, 19, 000/- but I am hopeful that next week it is going to hit about Rs. 900,000/- 
Today I received a phone call from my Abdalian friend Mr. Ajmad Saeed Yazdani asking me have I reached my target budget and he suggested that Sir, you again send out a call for donations that in this First Ashra of Naimaat the impact of the donations will be manifold. Thank you my Abdalian friend.
Tomorrow being a Sunday I hope to catch-up with my sleep and also look after my kennel inmates whom I have neglected for a long time.
Please keep the spirit of Ramzan alive by leaving no stone unturned in doing good deed to others.
Have a very nice weekend.

28th June 2015……..
Today the 10th of RAMZAN ………. Being Sunday this completes first ASHRA of NIAMAT comes to a farewell and from tomorrow the second Ashra of Ramzan which is Rahmat.
Sunday being a holiday is also a day to catch up with my sleep and tend to my house chores among which my kennel inmates take their priority.
It was hot humid and sultry day but I left my house at about 11.30 and straight away made for the Gowalmandi bridge to have the radiator repaired and after that went into the Narrow college road to purchase stabilizers for the house which costed me Rs. 15000/- for 15000 watts and to pick the stabilizer up is another big ordeal. Also had to go to kashmiri bazaar to buy the pumps and fans for the coolers which are much needed for my kennel inmates as they are at the mercy of this weather without the coolers.
The time was 3.00 O Clock so again went to Akbar Market to have the wheel alignment and balancing of my favourite jalopy LIANA done which was much over due for the past one year.
Apart from my many friends in various corporate entities I received very nice motivational messages from my well wishers along with their promise of generous contributions to my charity campaign.
OGDCL being one of the movers and shakers on the stock exchange is also the back bone of the oil and gas exploration activities in Pakistan. About 8 years ago there was some lobby with vested interests who wanted to hand over the ZINN reservoir to a private party but I vehemently opposed it tooth and nail and my efforts bore fruit and now this will be a national asset in the future.
As I mentioned before that there is no dearth of natural resources in this country but we lack the will to tap them and exploit them for our advantage. For this purpose I have gone to the IHC to purge OGDCL of corruption and mismanagement so that the people of Pakistan are not faced with gas load shedding let us see how the courts give their decision in favour of the people of Pakistan. I know I am fighting an uphill task and the courts in this country do not dispense justice but there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  
It was 0530 when I reached the mosque and said my Asar prayers and took a cat nap in the mosque and woke up at about 6.15 to get ready for the preparation for the Aftari.        
In the mosque the ROOH AFZA campaign has come in to full swing as other people have also sent bottles of ROOH AFZA. Ice is purchased one hour before so that the Sharbat that we served today was very cold & sweet, DUA was offered for those who send in their contributions well in time. Since the number of ROOZADAR’s has increased I had to put in extra 3 dozen plates & Glasses. Have you ever wondered what happens once the Aftar is over? Well I leave to your imagination or come and see for yourself as 4 people along with me have to work for 15 / 20 minutes to sort out the leftovers and dispose of the garbage. The plates are then collected in a tub to be washed later on during the day. Just as an incentive I sometimes tip the helpers so that their morale remains high.
The amount collected remains static at Rs. 7, 19, 000/- as it is  Sunday but I am hopeful that next week it is going to hit about Rs. 900,000/- 
Anyone interested please come and help us distribute the Rations.

29th June 2015
Today the 11th of RAMZAN being Monday offices open up after the weekend and people are also slow in working and responding.
First of all I made my way to MCB saddar to collect donations sent in by my anonymous friends from Doha Qattar who read about my Ramzan updates and had sent in their contributions but much to the irony of fate my name was very much there but western union had not sent in their funds which will take another 24 hours to come in.
From there I went to Bank road to Latif & Sons to collect contributions from Mr. Khurram Aziz my neighbor and from there I came to the clinic. 
In coming to the clinic I knew what lay in store for me as the number of recipients was less than 20 and they were issued Rations in an orderly manner.
As we are near to our saturation point so only 5 new cases were registered and those too who were handicapped or above the age of 70.
The rest were told to go away as our head count now stands above 980 people so there was no room to register more people. Those left out created a lot of hue and cry and kept on sitting in front of the clinic till 3 O’ Clock but our financial constraints were such that we cannot accommodate more than 1000 people. The balance of 10 people will be the wild card entries or very desperate cases.
The weather at this point was over cast and slight relief was there, while I was having the electrical connection of the car repaired in came welcome showers but the lasted for a few minutes and their impact was very much felt.
Took the well deserved nap in the clinic and said my Asar prayers and I went straight to the mosque at about 6.45 and made the arrangements for the SHARBAT in time for distribution at laid out the aftari plates.
The Aftari this time was distributed in an orderly manner as I enforced strict regimentation and discipline there was quite a lot of left over’s which was distributed after the MAGRIB NAMAZ.
Just as we were preparing for the distribution of the Aftari items rain came as a blessing and we all thanked God for his blessings.
This has brought a pleasant relief to the people of Pindi.
All is going well so far and many donations are coming in for which I am thankful to my friends and well wishers.
The collection stands at Rs. 8, 54, 000/- as Rs. 10,000/- was received from my friend Mr. Khurram Aziz and another 1,00,000/- from my anonymous donors from Doha Qattar.
The number of people to whom rations has been distributed comes to about 698 and another 302 more to go.
Tomorrow I am expecting some more donations to come in taking me above 9 lacks by the middle of this week.
Please keep the spirit of Ramzan alive by leaving no stone unturned in doing good deed to others.


30th June 2015
Today the 12th of RAMZAN……….. Tuesday a slow day for most of you but not for me as I started my physical activity early at about 10.00 and was busy with the domestic chores like cleaning of the kennels and feeding the inmates which took a toll of my physical faculties. I started for the clinic at about 11 O’ Clock as an early call from my Atta Supplier Mr. Fayyaz that 300 bags of atta are under way to the clinic for delivery. I alerted my clinic staff for the unloading and stacking of the atta and when I reached the clinic the delivery vehicle was already in place. We had the atta stacked up for distribution and Rs. 2,00,000/- was paid to the Atta supplier as he has still to supply me with 220 bags more in order to make the count to 1000.
I was greeted by a small number of ladies who were waiting for their turn for Rations collection. The whole process was completed by 12.00 O’ clock. Said my Zohar prayers and went to the bank for deposit of cheques which had come in and to remind my BM for my share of the fresh bank notes. Somehow or the other I do not know why there is an excessive demand for fresh bank notes near EID.
I myself do not have any logic for that but people who are known to me for the past many years know that I have good connections with various banks and the availability of fresh bank notes for me is not a problem…………………. I simply distribute them.
In the afternoon went to my printer for making the design of the banner for our upcoming expedition to Naran Valley and Ansoo Jheel as the sponsors want to have their banner (presence) felt at the remote areas of Pakistan.
The well deserved nap in the afternoon was lacking hence had very little sleep and after performing abolition said my Asar prayers, wrote part of the daily Ramzan update and went to the mosque at about 6.45 pm to make preparations for the Aftari.  
The quota of Roh Afza bottles with me is about to finish and I am expecting one of my friends to come forward with donation of 36 bottles of Roh Afza.
Today again the faithful responded with large number of Aftar items and the plates were full to the brim. Special prayers were made for the much awaited heavenly showers to break the spell of the heat wave and for those brothers and sisters who help me with my Ramzan Aftari effort.     
All friends and well wishers are again requested to come forward with their pledges and donations so that we are able to meet our deadline for delivery of Rations and arrangements of aftari in the Mosque.
The collection stands at Rs. 8, 84, 000/- as Rs. 30,000/- which was received from my Abdalian friend in Doha Qattar yesterday was unaccounted for as this amount could not be collected from MCB sadder Rawalpindi because of my involvement with the ration distribution till late in afternoon and the banks normal business hours close at 1.45 pm.
The number of people to whom rations has been distributed so far comes to about 708 and another 292 more to go.
As I said in the beginning of Ramzan that this is a month of caring, sharing, helping the needy and poor so please come forward and reap the bounty harvest of Ramzan by doing your part.

01st July 2015

Today the 13th of RAMZAN ………. Being Wednesday, a Bank Holiday things have come to a standstill as the mid of ramzan is catching up with the physical abilities of the Rozadars.   
Hardly there is any worthwhile constructive work going on in the offices or in the bazaars.
Early morning left for Adiala road to scout for the potential sites for the opening of new branches of AMBL which has now got an all Pakistan license and finally short listed two sites for finalization.
These will be finalized on Monday and Inshallah the branch opening will take place somewhere near the end of August 2015.
Reached clinic at about 1.30 and found about 5 ladies waiting for their Ration distribution. In ther afternoon indulged in the luxury of a well deserved nap.
The weather in PINDI / ISB is very very hot humid dry sultry and unpleasant because the monsoon rains have not come in and thus making everyone on razor edge, and people are  ready to fight for no reason at all. The inflation in the market has hit hard the common man despite the price reduction in the utility stores there is hardly any rush in the USC outlets.
Mango the fruit of the season is also beyond the means of the common man. I hope that the people at the helm of affairs of Pakistan are listening and watching but they are not acting, this serves our nation right that next time be careful in choosing your leaders. This again reminds me of a very interesting bill board which I saw in San-jose’ California USA “POLITICIANS AND DIAPERS SHOULD BE CHANGED FREQUENTLY”
In one of my previous Ramzan updates I mentioned that the amount in the bank coming in as Zakat is swelling up but I do not know exactly who the donors are because of the problem of the flexcube in Askari Bank.
Today I received a phone call from two of my potential donors that they have sent in their contribution and I should receive it on Thursday………… there are others whom when I call have a stereo typed answer that the courier is on the way.
On the Aftari front in the mosque the ROOH AFZA campaign has met with great success as more and more people are now sending Roh Afza bottles every day which I put in to the tub which makes the Sharbat very very cold sweet and in abundance and the campaign for the AFTARI edibles was also in full swing as the number of ROZADAR’s has increased. The last minutes entry just before the MOAZZAN call at MAGRIB creates problem because at that time very few plates are left and I have to accommodate these late comers with me.

The collection stands at Rs. 8, 94, 000/- as Rs. 10,000/- was received from my Dr. Babur Saleem a close family friend and Salam Raza Alim’s classmate from St. Mary’s.  
The number of people to whom rations has been distributed so far comes to about 713 and another 287 more to go. Very few people now are coming to collect their Rations but wild card entries are very much there.  
By the grace of all mighty Allah things are going well so far and many donations are coming in for which I am thankful to my friends and well wishers.
If you have some spare time try to spend it with some poor orphans or the needy and poor and then you will realize how fortunate and blessed you are.
On Sunday 05th July 2015 those of you who are interested please come and have Aftari with me in the Jamia Islamia Mosque Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi and experience yourself the essence of the pudding lies in its tasting.  
Do thank GOD for his countless blessings and NIAMAT’S…………

02nd July 2015 ……..
Today Thursday the 14th of RAMZAN ………. After Sahri Rawalpindi was blessed with welcome showers which came with full intensity breaking the hot spell and bringing relief to the Pindites but these welcome showers were not without their side effects……….. as the connecting electrical cable from my meter to the pole burnt down and my whole house was without electricity till the writing of this update.
The Nawaz Sharif govt. are adding new IPP’s which are producing electricity at a very high cost where as on the other hand cheap and abundant electricity which can be generated from Hydel projects are nowhere on the horizon. On the contrary huge cement monsters are coming up in the shape of Metro and Motorway projects, this is just like putting an Iranian Carpet in your bed room when your roof is leaking.
GOD is watching us but is giving us a long rope which will be pulled suddenly one day. Will the HAKIM – E – WAQT N.S & S.S take cognizance of the matter as this falls under TAKHT-E- LAHORE in PUNJAB. 
Don’t know when this nation will rise to the occasion………… about the Chinese investment coming in I will write about it in detail in my subsequent updates.
The morning was spent in getting the jalopy repaired as the radiator pipe had given way and the genuine pipe was only available in Saddar so took the risk of driving with very little water in the radiator to Gowalmandi to have it repaired.
In the afternoon took the unusual liberty of taking a well deserved nap and got up in time for ASAR PRAYERS.
On the mosque front the preparation of the Sharbat met with a flaw as the bottles of Roh Afza finished and we could not arrange for their replacement well in time. (Someone let me down). Tomorrow aggressive plans will be put in action so that this short coming is averted in the future.
Today as I was coming from the mosque after saying my Maghrib prayers I could see the full moon on the dusk of the horizon…………. CHUDWEEN KA CHAND which took me 40 years back when romance was in the air and comedy was king. How many of you have gone out today and appreciated the beautiful moon which reminds you of your nostalgic youth where many letters were written and serenades sung…. Please do go down the memory lane and reminiscence the grandeur of your past and what foolish mistakes CUPID made you to perform.

Late night said my ISHA prayers and finally made my programme for as it is going to be a tough day for me because of the delivery of ATTA & GHEE.
The collection which stood yesterday at Rs. 8, 94, 000/- has now risen to Rs. 9, 54,000/- . Rs. 5000/- was received from my student Naheed Akhtar BM, MCB Sahiwal, Rs. 25,000/- from Mr. Rizvan Hameed S/o of a very close family friend and finally Rs. 30,000/- from a potential president’s material who wants to remain anonymous.
The number of people to whom rations has been distributed so far comes to about 715 and another 285 more to go. Very few people left but are not coming forward to collect their Rations. 
As said in my Ramzan updates in the beginning that month of Ramzan is for caring sharing and helping the needy and poor.

03rd July 2015………..

Today the 15th of RAMZAN (Friday)……….. I got up very early today and after feeding inmates of my KENNEL got dressed and went to MCB bank for collection of Zakat money sent by my friends from Doha Qattar. There was a huge rush of other recipients also but somehow or the other I managed to get my funds within one hour using my senior citizens card.  From there I went to my bank AKBL haider road branch and deposited the funds and came to the clinic where there were only five people waiting for their ration collection.

There was wildcard entry an elderly lady whose NIC showed DOB 1938. This woman was in so frail and decrepitude that she even could not lift the atta bag by herself and was helped by my attendants to carry her rations.

The rations distribution finished in ½ hour and it was time to pack up and close the clinic for Jumma prayers and I went upstairs performed abolition and joined the congregation at the Jamia Islamia Mosque. The sermon today was that of following, understanding, reading and urging others to read the Holy Quran. Special prayers were made for those people who are contributing towards my charity effort and for the daily aftari in the mosque.

Have you ever thought that when you take membership of big clubs or organizations you have to pay an entrance fee and again a monthly subscription to keep your membership going………. But on the other hand when you go into the mosque no one asks you for an entry fee or maintenance fee so from where does the mosque management cater for the expenses incurred on the utilities and the up keep of the mosque, so please do donate to your local mosque so that the recurring expenses are easily met by the management.

Just after jumma prayers I was visited by Prof. Atta Ullah a retired family friend and Lt. Cmdr ® Mahmood Iqbal who invited me to become part of their think tank PUBLIC FORUM

In the afternoon had a well deserved nap and got up at about 5:30 pm and said my Asar prayers. At that time 12 bottles of Roh Afza were received from Mr. Aqeel of Waseem Autos.

As I was walking towards the mosque my thoughts went towards the mammoth corruption in this country that it is become an organized industry as it runs from the bottom to the top. 

As a social activist I can only point out these matters but cannot take any retaliatory steps because I do not have the power to do so. May be some day I will have a following when I can root out the menace of corruption from this country.

Kindly read this link http://drbabur.com/politicians-prostitutes-and-terrorist-financing/ it is an interesting reading and then you will realize that how corruption is eating into the roots of this country.
Duwa – e – Maghfrat was held for the Shudha of the train tragedy which took place near Gujranwala.
Dear readers Pakistan is in great distress, turbulence and turmoil and according to predictions of some clerics and inner gut feeling of yours truly I feel that some catastrophe or natural disaster may be fall us. May I request all of you to recite AYAT-E- KAREEMA
Please also instruct your family members, employees, colleagues, friends and well wishers to do this about 370 times and ask GOD ALMIGHTY for his forgiveness and blessings.
The collection stands today at Rs. 9, 66, 000/- as Rs. 10000/- was received from my student Mr. Ibrahim ur Rehman BM, AKBL Haider Road, and Rs. 2,000/- from Prof Atta Ullah a very close family friend. One thing I would like to point out here that Prof Atta Ullah is not Sahib – e – Nisab (Zakat not Applicable) but yet he came all the way from Islamabad to hand me his contribution.  
The number of people to whom rations has been distributed so far comes to about 720 and another 280 more to go……….. The arrival of other card holders is awaited.
Ramzan is month of caring sharing and helping the needy and poor. Looking forward to your donations and prayers ……….

I wish u a very happy and prosperous second ASHRA of RAMZAN………… NIAMAT.

Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

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