Monday, June 8, 2009

Bear Bating

On 24 and 25 March 09 Pakistan’s TV watchers suffered the anguish and ignominy of watching the recordings of Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf’s “Performance” during a Conclave of ‘India Today’ at Delhi. What compelled the retired COAS to undertake this trip is a beguiling and reprehensible question, so much so, that his own daughter was at a loss to understand its necessity? Whatever his reasons, the overall optics were BAD FOR PAKISTAN as it exposed Pakistan, its Army and the ISI to ridicule, infamy & derision by the biased Indian audience. Gen (Retd) Musharraf put up an animated and futile defence, yet it does not detract from the fact that it was a flummoxed rank poor judgement by him expressing immutable proclivity to go to Delhi at this juncture.

The spectacle he presented bore close resemblance to that of a bear during Bear Baiting; in this despicable “sport “a hapless bear whose teeth have been extracted and claws removed is chained to the ground and ferocious dogs are set loose on it; in this unequal contest, the captive, defanged and clawless bear provides entertainment to the audience by taking ineffective swipes against frenzied hounds who have the freedom to attack from any direction they like. As this unfair contest progresses the owners of the dogs and the audience cheer madly at the cost of the poor bear.

Unfortunately, as the Question and Answer Session progressed at Delhi, Gen (Retd) Musharraf appeared more and more beleaguered and enigmatic and his discomfiture and hectored attitude made Pakistanis wince in pain indignation and apprehension.

It is fairly obvious that Gen (Retd) Musharraf with his penchant and Idiosyncrasy for publicity had walked into a well laid out trap of ‘India Today’, which being an Indian Magazine primarily catered for an Indian audience that would encourage and enjoy a prominent Pakistani’s discomfiture.

‘India Today’ played their cards astutely and eruditely by not only “arranging” a suitable audience but also gave further evidence of their talent by screening an “ugly” rapacious, dilettante villain-like profile of Musharraf at the beginning and end of each part. An individual’s dignity, generally speaking, is his own business but when a person has enjoyed a high position, then it is incumbent upon him to ensure that none of his actions damage the dignity of his country and the prestige of his office.

Unfortunately, this was not the case at Delhi, because Gen (Retd) Musharraf’s ill conceived soliloquy and decision to go to Delhi allowed numerous Indians to poke fun at Pakistan and its institutions. Similarly, pride in itself is a priceless possession of any Army, which takes a very long time to build and must never be allowed to be tarnished, least of all at the hands of an adversary with whom they have fought four wars.

After discussing the issues mentioned above, we the members of Pakistan Ex Servicemen Association (PESA) would like to know whether the Rule of Not Participating in Politics for two years after retiring, applies to Gen (Retd) Musharraf? If it does as indeed it should, then the Government of Pakistan (GOP) must enforce it. Similarly, the GOP must force Gen (Retd) to vacate the old Army House; not only is it long overdue, but the fact is, that Gen (Retd) Musharraf owns two houses in the Askari Housing in Karachi alone.

Precedence exist in the past that Ejaz Ul Haq was forced to vacate the Army House when he indulged in Politics and Gen (Retd) Pervaiz Musharraf did not allow his course mate whom he superseded to stay on for 02 months in his official accommodation.

Finally, if Gen (Retd) Musharraf’s malevolence and urge for politics is over powering then he must learn to do so within his own legitimate means and not cower behind G.O.P facilities, of Accommodation, Transport or Security. We hope he also realises that the people of Pakistan and members of P.E.S.A are demanding accountability of his actions and deeds during the period he illegally usurped power and caused incalculable damage to Pakistan.

PESA demands that Gen (Retd) Musharraf must be tried under article 6 of the constitution and made accountable for all his misdemeanours and crimes against humanity.

Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association which comprises of Retired Armed forces personnel is a think tank and social activation plat form for purging the society of all monolithic anathemas egalitarianism and pugnacious fount of injustices and wants to up hold the supremacy of the Parliament and to make Pakistan an UTOPIA…. Is like asking for the moon.

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