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It was a very cold morning on the 15th of February 1989 that the last Soviet soldier was crossing the bridge at HAIRATAN to TERMEZ on the Soviet side. During the previous weeks thousands of RUSSIAN troops had driven up the SALANG Highway in tanks, trucks and APCs, running the last gauntlet before gaining the sanctuary of the motherland. They had left Kabul a battalion at a time, usually at night, overloaded with Panasonic TV sets and other Western electrical goods unobtainable at home. They wore their medals and some took their pet dogs. It was more or less a dignified departure. The Russian diplomats did not climb desperately onto the last helicopter from the roof of their embassy, as the Americans had done with their tail between their legs in Saigon 14 years earlier.

The very last man to cross into the Soviet Union was the 45 year old widower, Lieutenant- General BORIS GROMOV. GROMOV was a veteran of three tours in Afghanistan. He walked over the bridge without a backward glance to embrace his teenage son, Maxim, who had been brought especially from Moscow to welcome him on the Russian side.
On the same date, thousands of miles away, at the CIA headquarters at LANGLEY, VIRGINIA, William Webster, the man who had replaced his predecessor as director CIA, gave a champagne party. The toasts were to victory; the Vietnam debacle had been reversed and avenged; now it was the Soviets in retreat and counting the costs in men and money of a nine-year war. The Soviets were out of Afghanistan. Revenge, for the rough handling and drubbing the US forces had received in Vietnam was squared. This was due in part to the Soviet Union’s supplying America’s enemies with the means to fight in the VIETNAM war was complete.
By and by it dawned on the central characters that, with the fulfillment of the GENEVA ACCORD, which had been signed in mid-April, 1988, the US lost interest in finishing the war. From that moment onwards the doubts were confirmed and it became clear to the game players and directors that their aims (Americans) had now diverged and digressed away from a military victory towards a compromise peace or rather towards a well planned stalemate. The objectives of the US became evident and more and more clear to ensure that no Islamic fundamentalist government was established in KABUL.
The Americans thought that if that happened, it would merely be replacing one adversary with another. Ironically, in this they had the support of the Soviets, who were equally fearful of Islam stirring up religious or nationalistic feelings in their republics north of the AMU River. From the moment the Soviets agreed to quit Afghanistan it was in the interests of both superpowers to prevent an outright military victory for the Mujahideen.

The Americans left an unfinished agenda with their hasty and premature with drawl from the Afghanistan / Pakistan. Many questions remain unanswered and unsettled.
What will be the form and mode of the future Government in Afghanistan? Who will be responsible for the reconstruction and development of the after math of the war? What will be the fate of the high profile weapons like stingers, sparrows and the lancets which were randomly distributed amongst the various Mujahideen Commanders? What will be the future of the region as regards its propensity and proclivity?
What steps will be under taken so that future adventurism of the BEAR must not be repeated?
All these questions even after passing of two decades still remain a big mysterious question mark in the archives of history.
The American role and their covert operation were simply to weaken and break the BEAR HUG of Soviet domination and Hegemony in Afghanistan. They did not come here to help the down trodden people of the third world nor were they concerned that Pakistan may be overrun by the soviet expansionist design.

If the Americans were so keenly interested in democracy and amelioration of the third world they would have stayed back and helped and supervised in the postwar reconstruction development of Afghanistan.

The Taliban will ‘never be defeated’: Sunday Times
Colonel Amir Sultan speaks about his involvement in Afghan Jihad.
‘Colonel Imam’, the Pakistani agent who trained Mullah Omar and the warlords to fight the Soviets, says the US must negotiate with its enemies. The Pakistani intelligence agent who trained Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, to fight has warned that NATO forces will never overpower their enemies in Afghanistan and should talk to them rather than sacrifice more lives. “You can never win the war in Afghanistan,” said so-called “Colonel Imam”, who ran a training programme for the Afghan resistance to the Soviet Union’s occupation from 1979 to 1989, then helped to form the Taliban.
One of Imam’s biggest backers was Congressman Charlie Wilson, the Texan who was instrumental in securing funding for Operation Cyclone, the CIA programme to supply arms with which the Mujaheedin would fight the Soviet troops. “He used to dance with happiness at seeing our training camps,” said Imam. Within 10 years the Russians had been forced out. “Total expenditure just $5 billion and not a single American life,” said Imam. “Now the Americans are spending hundreds of billions and losing hundreds of lives.”

After the 1988 Geneva accords on the Soviet withdrawal. Imam told Charlie Wilson: “You’re abandoning the Afghans. They need financial support for rehabilitation.” Wilson replied: “Dollars don’t grow on trees.” “Do Afghan youth grow on trees?” asked Imam. “Over 1.5m Afghans have died.” Furious at the American betrayal and devastation caused by the result of the infighting in the Afghan resistance, he became close to Omar. “I love him,” he said. “He brought peace to Afghanistan.” Unquote”
The viewer of the motion picture CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR in which the central character was played by TOM HANKS will well remember that in the end he asks the US senate standing committee to sanction one million dollars for the building of schools in Afghanistan.
But his request was turned down by the Senate and in the last scene he is shown brandishing the stinger and toasting to the victory of UNCLE SAM in Afghanistan.
This ends the story of the American involvement in Afghanistan till 1989 and the start of the destruction of Afghanistan and the Destabilization of the region with the spillover across the DURRAND line into Pakistan.
The advent of the new millennium 2000 saw the global rise of American imperialism and its domination and sphere of influence in the South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.
Post 9/11 scenario saw the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq on the pretext and subterfuge for hunting for OSAMA BIN LADEN or weapons of mass destructions (WMD). The US faced one failure after another in both these countries culminating into stalemate yet the objectives were not achieved even at high cost of men, money & equipment.
Their stay in the region as uninvited guests has been made more hospitable amenable and comfortable by the presence of subservient Governments and minions in the form of scullions, autocratic rulers and unpopular leaders for their personal gain and greater aggrandizement. The Americans need to admit that Pakistan, metaphorically speaking, has been their legally-wedded wife and has with due fidelity always helped promote the American agenda. But the Americans have treated us as a woman on hire while using us in times of need. (Incidentally, America has always been enamored of the flirt next door, which seems to have relented recently because of a very hefty nuclear dower gift).
The answer lies in the start of the Great game II.
The Americans have come in this region only with a single agenda that is to play THE GREAT GAME again which was played between the British and the Russians in the later part of the Eighteenth century.
This is a repeat of the GREAT GAME but now the stage is very much the same but players and the actors are different and so are the directors.
What are the American interests in this Region??
Some of the probabilities are:
1. Are they after NUKES of PAKISTAN, IRAN and NORTH KOREA?
2. To salvage their deteriorating abysmal national image?
3. To redeem their badly tarnished EGO?
4. To establish MILITARY Bases for their covert operations and gain warm water access to the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf?
5. To set up eavesdropping and listening posts to contain and over look China?
6. To prevent the resurgence and renaissance of Islamic revival through basic fundamentalism and the waging of the JEHAD?
7. To monitor and launch strikes against non-compliant and rationally charged Iranian state, which may prove to be a potential impediment in their expansionist designs?
8. To set up a series of satellite and puppet states in the regions, which will be at the back and call of UNCLE SAM like a Pet Poodle?
9. To finds lucrative markets for their arms ammunition and military goods by escalating trivial frictions and tensions in the region into full scale Wars and insurgencies?
10. To bring the globe under its sphere of influence and domination?

The answer to all these questions is that the Americans have a far greater reaching and long terms plans in the region than what meets the eye of an ordinary reader.
About twenty five years ago in one of the TOP SECRET briefing rooms in the PENTAGON a young CIA operative from Langley Virginia was giving a briefing to a team of foreign MILITARY delegation under CHAIRMANSHIP OF MAJ. GEN SULLVIAN with senate committee on special projects in attendance about the future containment of Russians expansionist designs. This briefing was done under the ages of DAPRA (Defense advance research projects agency) a Futuristic thinking clandestine organization whose purpose was to ponder on far out problems like how to turn programmable matter into future transformers like weapons of war. He postulated and predicted the future breakup of USSR into sub domains of independent states. At that time his paper and presentation were subject to aspersion ridicule and mockery but later on this hypothecation became true and he was rewarded with one of their highest invisible award.
This person was no other than MAJ. RALPH PETERS at that time whose latest article by the name of BLOOD BORDERS can be found on the WIKIPAEDIA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Peters

I am quoting some of the relevant excerpts from his article which may be of some interest and amusement to the readers. The map that accompanies this article clearly defines the future boundaries and borders as UNCLE SAM would like to have so as to achieve their Great Game objectives. !
International borders are never completely just. But the degree of injustice they inflict upon those whom frontiers force together or separate makes an enormous difference — often the difference between freedom and oppression, tolerance and atrocity, the rule of law and terrorism, or even peace and war.

Please click on the above link and view the map.
The boundaries projected in the maps accompanying this article redress the wrongs suffered by the most significant “cheated” population groups, such as the KURDS, BALUCH and ARAB SHIA, but still fail to account adequately for Middle Eastern CHRISTIANS, BAHAIS, ISMAILIS, NAQSHBANDIS and many another numerically lesser minorities.
The most glaring injustice in the notoriously unjust lands between the Balkan Mountains and the Himalayas is the absence of an independent Kurdish state. There are between 27 million and 36 million Kurds living in contiguous regions in the Middle East. Greater than the population of present-day Iraq, even the lower figure makes the Kurds the world’s largest ethnic group without a state of its own. Worse Kurds have been oppressed by every government controlling the hills and mountains where they’ve lived since Xenophon’s day.
What Afghanistan would lose to IRAN in the west, it would gain in the east, as Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier tribes would be reunited with their Afghan brethren. Pakistan, another unnatural state, would also lose its Baluch territory to Free Baluchistan. The remaining “natural” Pakistan would lie entirely east of the Indus, except for a westward spur near Karachi. Unquote”
So far what has written by me until now is nothing new and available on the net but a articulate and visionary reader can put two and two together and come to his own conclusions.
I have read as many books as I could find on the subject - book after book after book. And by the way, I urge you to read. In television you get capsules of news that someone else puts together what they want you to hear about the news. In newspapers you get what the editors select to put in the newspaper. If you want to know about the world and understand, to educate yourself, you have to get out and dig, dig up books and articles for yourself. Read, and find out for yourselves. As you'll see, the issues are very, very intricate, entangled and important.

I am no Rudyard Kipling neither I am an astrologist but as a defense analyst it is my theory that by the year 2015 all the fossil fuels and tangible mineral resources which is the lifeline of the west and from which the west draws its inherent energy & strength will be more or less depleted. The next centre of energy fuel and power will be the region as pointed out in the preceding paragraph. If one takes a big compass and keeps one of its point on one of the central Islamic states like AZERBAIJAN or TURKMENISTAN and opens the other leg for 3000 thousand miles then the area that comes within this circle stretches from the Sinai peninsula to the warm waters of the Arabian gulf and from the Ural mountains and the TUNDRA region to the bay of Bengal down below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reko_Diq. This region contains more than sixty percent of the world s natural and mineral resources like oil gas precious stones and precious metals like gold, copper, uranium and chromium. The areas of the Central Islamic states, IRAN, CHINA, PAKISTAN, http://punctiliouspakistani.blogspot.com are the regions containing these natural and mineral resources.s
PAKISTAN amongst these countries is very important because of its geopolitical, geo-strategic location and the focus of paradigm attention as regards the Islamic World. To give inherent strength to the power roulette is the coercive factor of the presence of Islamic bomb and the rise of the Islamic fundamentalism of JEHAD. This has made the west Jittery and apprehensive lest the rise of Islamic Resurgence and renaissance may envelope the whole world.
The start of the next 2010 decade will see great changes in the world’s geopolitical scenario fueled and catalyzed by neocolonialism and remote proxy wars. The Americans are here as they want to have their hegemony and control over the world and whoever controls Pakistan and this region will control the world.
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