Friday, September 28, 2012


21st July 2012.

Today the first of RAMZAN 21st July 2012………. Came as a great blessing and challenge to me…….
I had to get up early in the morning and come to the clinic early at about 10.00 am where a throng of people had collected for Registration for ZAKAT……
GOD was kind today as it was not hot and we were able register about 90 people (85 % female & 15 % Male)…
In the mosque at AFTARI there were about 150 people and the AFTARI edibles were adequate enough……….. and I had to distribute the left over as take away for those who had come with families.
There is one shortage in the mosque as there is no provision for COLD SHARBAT at Aftari.
This has to be arranged tomorrow and we would like people to come up with the following on daily basis..

1. One bottle of ROOH Afza
2. 05 Kg of Sugar
3. 10 Kg of Ice
4. 2 Plastic jugs
5. 50 Plastic glasses
The month of RAMZAN is for caring sharing and helping others………………. We at RAZA Charity Trust are making our effort in a humble way………. And would like people to come forward and help us………
23rd July 2012.
22nd July being a holiday there not much activity to report except that it was the day of my KENNEL and the KENNELLING took about 6 hours and it also costed mild heat stroke…….. and hence I indulged in the luxury of sleeping in the after noon……….other wise nothing much to write about…….
Today was the 3rd first of RAMZAN 23rd July 2012……….it was a day in which whole of PINDI I cant say Pakistan cursed two things WAPDA and WATER……………………………
The light came for one hour and went away for 2 hours coupled with lack of water which completed the misery of dilemma faced by me and other recipients of ZAKAT.
There were more than 100 people and I had to distribute them in to 4 batches and in do their registration. The point here which I am going to emphasize is that it is a dam difficult job to make the old ladies make a line…………….and ask them to be disciplined, whereas the men folk are disciplined, organized and patient……….
May be the Chinese example may come in handy some times in Pakistan………but I will talk about it some other time.
110 people were registered today which cost my vest a good bath in my sweat……. And to top it all it also taught me a thing or two in ANGER MANAGEMENT ………… A Topic of my lecture in my Human Resource Presentations of which I usually boast about……… but as a human being ones knowledge is far from complete and one learns every thing new day by day………..may be today what I learnt was something even the BUDDHA’s disciples would have not learnt that to keep your brain in a deepfreezer when confronted with adverse circumstances………
After ASAR I went to the mosque to prepare for the AFTARI and today there were more than 150 people at the AFTARI………………… and by the time it was the call of the MUAZZIN to prayers so many edibles had come in that the left over’s had to be put in a shopper and the people asked to take them home with them………
In the end I would again like to thank my friends, family members, colleagues and my acquaintance from the corporate world who’s donation, encouragement are coming in and making my campaign a success……….
24TH July 2012.
Today the 4th of RAMZAN ………. Was not different from 23rd July 2012 as the electricity problem exacerbated with greater intensity bringing with it the paraphernalia of associated problems…….not to talk of the problems anymore because as they say which can not cured must be endured.
The preferential load shedding in Pakistan where the sectors of F-8/4, President house Diplomatic enclave Behria town wapda colony army house Chaklala Garrison and the personal house of Ex-PM Gillani in defense Lahore was / are exempt from load shedding……….
This is the breed of leaders that we have………… and now compare it with the leaders of CHINA in 1948 that the great MAO TZE TUNG refused to ride on a imported vehicle saying that when the whole of the population of china can afford this then I will ride on a imported vehicle…….. for that moment he rode on a bus along with his team members.
CAN U Produce any leaders like that………………. The answer is very simple such leaders are with in us and have to be found out and given a chance……… may be the next elections prove me right…….
Coming back to my ZAKAT efforts we brought the total to 254 people and target is 830 people +….
In the mosque less things came for AFTARI may be the spirit and motivation of the people has also died down with the heat and load shedding. Also my programme of providing ROOH AFZA to the ROZE-DAR could not see light of the day as my staff was busy with the ZAKAT effort in the morning….. may be tomorrow I can shake of my lethargy and be able accomplish this task.
Today also donations came in from my friends whom I would like to THANK again.

25tH July 2012……..
Today the 5th of RAMZAN ………. The weather was mild and bearable and on coming to the clinic met a horde of ladies waiting to be registered………
One thing I must say that we here are getting better organized and the SOP’s are being laid and to top it all contrary to my expectations the ladies are also behaving well……… and making lines for registration.
A path and a vision has to be shown to our nation and they will follow you provided they see leadership qualities in you……. This reminds me of IQBAL’s famous couplet “ZARA NUM HO TU YAA MITI BARIHI ZARKHAIZ HAI SAAQI”
I hope that NUMI / moisture has set in and now the seed has to be sown for germination and harvesting.
Coming back to the ZAKAT effort we completed registration 334 people the target is still 5 days away… that means that me and my staff has to toil for another 5 days till 5 in the evening to complete the job.
One thing I must elaborate that majority of the ladies coming in for registration do not fast and keep on asking for water from my attendants…….. that is something between GOD and his people……but it sets a bad example for others…………
On the mosque front somehow or the other SHURBAT ROOH AFZA was arranged ……………… but there was complete fiasco and pandemonium when the time came for the distribution as I was mobbed by the recipients and I had to sacrifice my SHALWAR QAMEEZ to the frequent spill over of the SHARBAAT.
For the time being we are putting a moratorium on the distribution of the SHARBAT till the marshalling plan is executed for its orderly distribution.
Today again I received a phone call from one of my corporate acquaintance who appreciated the efforts put in by me for my CHARITY drive. I would like to thank him for his kind words and hope others will also emulate his example…… RABINDAR NATH TAGORE said that one candle lights another candle and in this way the world can be lit…………
26st July 2012……..
Today the 6th of RAMZAN ………. There was no respite from the weather nor from load shedding yet we continued our activities braving the odds against us…………the figure stands at 398 people registered. One point I want to emphasize here that a new problem of impersonation is coming in as young girls brandishing their mothers NIC under a veiled NIQAAAB try to get RATIONS for which they are not eligible. The antidote for this is to solicit the services of one of the senior lady recipient who is responsible to verify their BONA FIDES.
When I started this trust way back in 2002 I kept it as a low keyed family affair with the major portion of donations coming in from my SON SALMAN RAZA ALIM and myself……….but little did I know that this charity will grow with geometrical progression that activity which used to subside in RAMZAN will take place all the year round and many friends and corporate entities are ready to donate for our CHARITY.
There are many friends who have pointed out that there are two problems in giving donations to our charity
1. The Trust is not registered.
2. The account is in the name of individual.
I am cognizant of the above two short comings and promise my friends and well wishers that I will address the problem very soon.
In the mosque at AFTARI we were better today than yesterday minus the ROOH AFZA. Many of the ROOZA DARS insisted today that cold soft drink at the time of AFTARI must continue…….so tomorrow Friday I will restart the ROOHAFZA campaign once again taking in view the marshalling plan for distribution………………..
In the mean time our dry RATIONS packing is nearly complete and now only the ATTA / Flour has to be arranged…………… the budget for that is about 2, 25,000/- and this amount is very much in hand……….the only problem is the storage of the consignment because I cannot keep 850 bags in the open less there may be rain or moisture sets in……………

27st July 2012……..
Today the 7th of RAMZAN ………. There was one event which took place on 26th July 2012 which was my Birthday and I was flooded with emails, phone calls and face-book messages in which everyone congratulated me on this particular day.
Many people asked me which cake did I cut and what presents did I receive……… my reply was very simple, that instead of this extravagance and waste I preferred a low key affair, thinking about the miseries faced by the Muslims all over the world and specially the media silence over the genocide of the Muslims in BURMA. The Pakistani media built up a hype over the death of an Indian actor and their throats went horse in repeating the stereotyped messages again and again………
The Pakistani media should now come of age and grow up mentally rather than behaving like school boys with expensive toys……..they must promote our religious, social and cultural values rather than blindly following the media on the other side of the divide……..
Coming back to my birthday there are two events which I would like to share with my readers and friends….
My wife gave me a very expensive present of SHALWAR QURTA but I politely asked her to return it back and the money thus obtained some more RATIONS should be purchased for the needy and poor and this was done willingly thus my target for RATION distribution has been enhanced. I celebrated my birthday with the needy and poor in the mosque at AFTARI which gave me internal peace contentment fulfillment and alleviation.
The second event that one of my very old friends of 40 years ZUBAIR RAFIQUE MIRZA from PARIS called me and gave his birthday felicitations but he also told me that this is also the day of ASIF ZARDARI’s Birthday how come you two personalities are poles apart. I replied to him LEO’s are born leaders but if they go to negativity then they bring havoc to the nations which they are leading and the famous example is of ADOLF HITLER and now of Mr. 200 %. I hope that my sleeping Pakistani nation rises from it slumber and use their head rather than emotions in choosing their leaders.
My friend asked me a very pertinent question that when he first befriended me in PARIS in 1986 when I was on my way to Vienna in AUSTRIA that one day I may become an exalted and erudite personality in Pakistan……………………what has become of your vision and mission to lead Pakistan?

I replied to him that despite all my plus points I have three major manufacturing defects and these were a major Impediment in my ascent up the leadership ladder.

1. I have the bad habit of speaking the truth all the time
2. I have the bad habit of calling a spade a spade
3. I have the bad habit of being scrupulously honest
These three qualities the opposite of which are rampantly and abundantly common among our leaders hence they cannot bear upright and honest people amongst themselves.
I am happy the way I am because now my goals are not mundane but more on the religious and spiritual side. I feel happy in helping the needy and poor and educating people about discipline, honesty, integrity and meticulous precision.
Coming back to the RAMZAN activities the people registered till today about 450 still three days more to go to complete the task.
In the evening in the mosque at AFTARI I was confronted with a paradoxical situation that the ROOH AFZA campaign was initiated as a cold start doctrine and for that we were short of glasses and Jugs. (What happened to the jugs and glasses which were given by me on 2nd of RAMZAN is still a big question mark). I took upon myself the marshalling duties by distributing the ROOHAFZA at the cost of the edibles for AFTARI because I could not be present at two places………………… however luckily there were many things for AFTARI so not much of a mismanagement took place.
All said and done the day ended contently and peacefully……….
I would request my readers to please let me have their comments and suggestions…. Because in my writings I try to spread nationalistic and patriotic issues hoping that this nation may stand up and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes…..

28th July 2012……..
Today the 8th of RAMZAN ………. Being Saturday I was expecting a great turnout of ZAKAT recipients but only 50 people showed up for registration………. The total registered people is about 498 tomorrow being Sunday the clinic will be closed so another two days to go that is Monday and Tuesday that completes the first ten days of RAMAZAN and the first ASHRA of NIAMAT comes to a farewell.
Apart from my friends in various corporate entities OGDCL being one of them I received very nice motivational messages from Madam Irum Aziz, Aftaab Ahmed and Amjad Saeed Yazdani along with their generous contributions to my charity campaign. OGDCL being one of the movers and shakers on the stock exchange is also the back bone of the oil and gas exploration activities in Pakistan. The positive news is that there are good finds in the ZINN reservoir area and exploration activities have also started in the KALCHAS area. About 5 years ago there was some lobby with vested interests who wanted to hand over the ZINN reservoir to a private party but I vehemently opposed it tooth and nail and my efforts bore fruit and now this will be a national asset in the future.

In the mosque the ROOH AFZA campaign was in full swing and another donor brought a big drum of ROOH AFZA so there was plenty to drink and to take home with………..
All is going well so far and many donations are coming in for which I am thankful to my friends and well wishers.

29th July 2012……..
Today Sunday the 9th of RAMZAN ………. The clinic was closed and there were no registration activities….I also could not go to the Saddar MOSQUE at AFTARI because of some problem in my KENNEL so I attended the mosque in LALAZAR for MAGHRIB prayers……….
A SMS was received by me from the mother of one of the students who is being schooled with funding from RAZA CHARITY TRUST the message was so touching and heart tendering that I can only give you the gist of it “KYA GHAREEB KY BACHOOON KA KOI HAAQ NHI KA WHO EID MANAH SAKIEN” (why is it that the poor children have no right to celebrate EID). At that time my eyes became wet and I started introspection and self accountability and I finally decided to do something for the family…….
At this moment my wife came to my rescue and she volunteered to take the family for EID Shopping.
The family was taken to CHOOTA BAAZAR in sadder and were given new clothes and shoes for EID along with one JORA for the mother………
Now this episode calls for some soul searching ………………… can I request my friends and readers to make a solemn pledge with me that each one of you is going to sponsor at least one child from one family who cannot afford to buy new clothes for EID…… RAMZAN is a month of caring, sharing and helping others………..the sorrows should be divided and the happiness should be multiplied…….
Remember you are investing in BANK OF ALLAH………………… UNLIMITED.

30th July 2012……..
Today the 10th of RAMZAN……….. I was expecting that my registration count will go above 600 but we could only manage up to 550 may be the Zakat recipients are content this Ramzan or many of the old people registered last year are no longer there in this world. This is how life goes on and on……….
Evening when I went to mosque after ASAR prayers I was accosted by some elderly people that on Sunday sir, you were not present hence we did not get AFTARI or ROOHAFZA as complete mismanagement prevailed on Sunday. I apologized to them that I was busy but I will ensure that I will come on Sunday’s as well. So this time I really showed my authoritarian and disciplinary skills and ensured that the ROOHAFZA and AFTAARI was distributed in an organized way.
Again donations are coming in I would like to thank my friends and well wishers for their donations support.


31st July 2012……..
Today the 11th of RAMZAN……….. things went topsy turvy as I was called to the courts for some job relating to my friend who is in UK. The morning was wasted there and I came back to the clinic at about 12.45 and saw very little rush, we registered about 30 people for ZAKAT and since the day was very hot I sent my staff to rest. The registration stands at 566.
In the mosque I went early and started preparations for the AFTAARI and supervised the making of the ROOHAFZA personally myself. Nothing much to report except some of the people were not happy with me as I was not allowing them to fill the jugs and to take it home……
01st August 2012……..
Today the 12th of RAMZAN……….. I got up very early today and after feeding my inmates of my KENNEL came to the clinic early.
A great rush of people was there and I made them organized in line and started registration this kept on going till ZOHAR prayers and continued till 3.00 pm. And the registration now stands today about 642 people still 2 more days to go.
Dear readers Pakistan is in great distress, turbulence and turmoil and according to predictions of some clerics and inner gut feeling of yours truly I feel that some catastrophe or natural disaster may be fall us. May I request all of you to recite AYAT-E- KAREEMA

Please also instruct your family members, employees, colleagues, friends and well wisher to do this about 370 times and ask GOD ALMIGHTY for his forgiveness and blessings.
I wish u a very happy and prosperous second ASHRA of RAMZAN………… NIAMAT.

02nd August 2012……..
Today the 13th of RAMZAN……….. Rawalpindi is a peculiar garrison town where the city is haphazardly divided into sections of its own with their peculiar likes and dislikes………
For instance if you meet someone from Lalazar 502 and Adiala road they are going to talk about the water problem……… someone from saddar will talk of congestion and pollution, someone from murree road will talk about the traffic problem but there is a segment of the society which are oblivious of these problems like the General’s colony, Scheme III, Askari Villas and off course in mates of Behria town.
What a class differentiation of the society prevails……..things are just becoming the way it was before the French revolution……………but where is the mob and guillotine?
This nation has to be woken up from deep slumber………..
Coming to clinic at about 11:15 am I saw organized line of ladies on one side and started registration……. This we continued till 1500 hours and the registration count today stands at 670 people another 130 people more to go………
Talking again of Rawalpindi peculiar segment divide my readers may not believe that It rains heavily in sadder whereas Lalazar does not have even trickle…….. There is again no respite from the heat and the weather is hot humid and sultry….. We are praying for the rains and also doing ASTAGFAAR.
Today I would like to say my thanks to my old friend Mr. Younis Bhatti an Eminent lawyer of Rawalpindi who is like a family friend to me he and his family took the personal pain to come and visit my ZAKAT registration activity and also contributed towards my charity trust.
In the evening the mosque activity was quite usual and the ROOHAFZA campaign has again run in to problems…………will discuss about this tomorrow.

03rd August 2012……..
Today the 14th of RAMZAN……….. Friday being one of the special days things go slow here……….and business activity comes to a standstill …………… and to top it all the heat becomes unbearable…..
A slow day for me today as I started my activity at about 11.45 and registered about 35 people and the count stands at 700 people, still 100 to go…….
In the afternoon there was great rush in the mosque due to JUMMA prayers and I asked this question…………. What happens to these NAMAZEEE’s in days other than RAMZAN?
Are we Muslims only for RAMZAN?
What happens to us when Ramzan is over?
Where does are religious spirit go after SHAWAAL?
This reminds me of the famous RHYMED couplet of ALLAMA IQBAL

In the evening went to the mosque after ASAR prayers and started the ritual of organizing food and ROOH AFZA. Reading my daily updates one friend has suggested that I should handover the SHARBAT campaign to the mosque administration…………….. Maybe my friend does not know the PSYCHE of the MULLAH and how things are mismanaged when the proverb prevails
“MAAL – E – PARAYAA …….....

The sky today is over cast and rains are expected hope that they come today……other wise we all have to offer NAMAZ-E-ISTISQUA………
Tomorrow I go early in the morning to collect ATTA from the JUMMA BAZZAR for ZAKAT campaign…… please wish me luck as I for see difficulties in collecting atta in bulk as the Sasta Bazzar people do not give more than 2 bags per person and my target is 800 plus.
04th August 2012……..
Today the 15th of RAMZAN……….. Saturday came with good tidings as Rawalpindi received the first pour of MOONSOON and weather became pleasant……. You could see greenery, fun and frolic all around.
Children came out in their undies and enjoyed the rain shower with splash in the in the rain puddles. How important this commodity of water is because life revolves round sun earth and water and these three things are necessary for the bio-cycle to complete. We here in Pakistan are not using our water resources prudently but wasting the water into the rivers and finally in to the ocean.
I have written a lot about the conservation of water and building up of water reservoirs but so far it has fallen on deaf ears.
The campaign to get ATTA in the morning ran in problems because of the rain and secondly the relevant person was not available. So I had to go there myself and finalized the arrangements for collection on Sunday morning…………… it means the late Sunday sleep will be denied.
The registration today despite heavy down pour stands at 730 another 70 more to go………………which will be completed on Monday.
The mosque and ROOHAFZA are in order and nothing much to write about………….
Half of RAMZAN is over and now heralding to a close in the next two weeks. I hope all of you have made new clothes for EID and also given your employees their EID JORA.
Please share your joys with those who do not have much to eat………….as RAMZAN is a month of caring sharing and helping others………
Your investment in bank of ALLAH unlimited will be multiplied 70 times during RAMZAN.
05th August 2012……..
Today the 16th of RAMZAN……….. Sunday got up very early to go to the Sasta Bazaar at committee chowk Rawalpindi and was there at about 8.00 am and started searching for our contact for the delivery of the SASTA BAZZAR ATTA. Lot of time was wasted on the nitty gritty finally at about 10.00 am we were told to bring our transport vehicle for carriage. My handyman Rauf on his Motorcycle had to go all the way to RAJA Bazar to get a Suzuki Pickup and that to at a very high price as there was no CNG hence on petrol the transport charges are jacked up. Coupled with excuse of Ramzan. All over the world at time of CHRISTMAS and other religious occasions prices of daily commodities are subsidized but in Pakistan the reverse takes place and the traders take RAMZAN as a permit to fleece the common man.
Finally we started loading the ATTA bags on the SUZUKI and when he had loaded about 50 bags that we got this news that we can only take total of 80 bags with us………..we were anticipating about 200 bags from the SASTA BAZAAR. This culminated in extra carriage and loading unloading and the price came to about Rs. 242.40 paisa per bag.
We came to the clinic with a heavy heart as 6 hours of morning were wasted and we unloaded the ATTA bags in the ZAKAT Room. I shook my head with despair and decided that this problem must be tackled on war footing, Rauf and myself went to the market and started searching for big consignment of ATTA BAGS.
Our search landed us on Ghafar Kiyani road behid Army Medical College and after much haggling landed a deal with a local ATTA dealer for the supply of 750 bags at the rate of Rs. 240/- bag which included carriage loading and unloading…………. We gave him an advance of Rs. 50,000/-.
Loo and behold the Atta problem solved. This was bugging me for the past 10 days now I am at mental ease. The roaming in the markets also caused slight heatstroke for me and in the afternoon I rested in my house in Lalazar and in the evening went to the local Lalazar mosque for AFTARI and prayers.
In the evening had SHARBAT at home and looked after my KENNEL in mates who had been neglected for quite a few days……
Problems come but they can only be solved with application, determination and perseverance and above all the will to solve the problem……

06th August 2012……..
Today the 17th of RAMZAN……….. Monday today was the last day of registration and I anticipated a great rush and when I came to the Clinic there were about 100 + waiting.
I started the registration at about 1115 am and in three batches completed the count to about 800 people. One important episode I would like to share with my readers that while registering the recipients I look at the date of birth and the NIC picture of the person.
Later on while registering I go through a detailed scrutiny and check the bona fides. Some non-Muslims also try to get the RATIONS for which I politely tell them that this is for Muslims only. In the second session there were about 40 ladies in which I had to refuse one lady because she was Christian but finally at the end one lady came to me as her NIC showed that she was Christian but she told me that she had just converted to ISLAM hence her NIC could not be changed. I asked her to recite the first Kalma and the tenets of Islam which she gladly did so and her daughter also recited the three KALMA’s………. I was greatly impressed with this young girl and gave her a reward of hundred rupees along with a token for the RATION. I also asked them to come to me after EID for further help.
Exceptions do come in life but they have to be ironed out with finesse and meticulous understanding of the situation……….
In the evening I went to the mosque after ASAR prayers and started preparing the ROOHAFZA. But here I would like to point out that we criticize our police, revenue system and Wapda but do not try to put our religious leader’s right….
I see great greed, corruption self projection and mismanagement in the mosques as the young clerics throw all norms of discipline and decency when it is time for MUNO-SALVA to be distributed.
Next time you are in mosque please try to observe these clerics when it is free for all scramble for food……..
07th August 2012……..
Today the 18th of RAMZAN……….. Tuesday was a light day as there were no new registration to be done expect for some compassionate cases and the return of the old forms…….
ISHAQ (KALOO) another handy man of the Clinic assisted me in the return of the forms while I dealt with a compassionate cases and registered about 6 cases………. Taking the count to 803 people.
In the mean time the ATTA supplier called that he was coming with the first load of ATTA and when he came in his SHEHZOOR there were about 320 bags which took about 4 hours for unloading, counting and stacking. Our ZAKAT room is now full to the roof with the stack of ATTA and we have to put about 350 bags more for which we are running short of space…….. I have decided to put this consignment in the reception of the clinic………..
We are all geared up and ready for RATION distribution from Thursday (9th August onwards) all of you are invited to come and help us in this noble cause of distribution. The timings are from 11.00 to 3.00 pm.
In the mosque in the evening very little edibles came for distribution and the plates were half empty as there was pilferage of the things which people sent for distribution as only ¼ of the things reached me where as rest were usurped by the young MULLAHS for feeding their families upstairs.
You can well imagine the fate of this nation when the religious leaders become usurpers and greedy.
GOD help Pakistan as our national day is only one week away.
Please ask yourself this question that do we have the right to survive as a nation when we do not follow the tenets of Islam nor do we practice being a good Muslim what to talk of being a good human being.
08th August 2012……..
Today the 19th of RAMZAN……….. The previous night of Tuesday after we had sent our RAMZAN update for the 07th Aug 12 that at about 9.00 pm we received a call that the ATTA truck was loaded and was ready for dispatch to the Clinic. We had to wait for another one hour and the truck came along with 350 bags of ATTA at about 10.30 pm. Most of the staff had runaway because of a long hectic day only Raheel the IT man was there. He volunteered to stay with me till the truck was unloaded and stacked in the clinic…………I offered him to take the day off now but he showed his job motivation by sticking with me to the end and we went home at about 12.00 O Clock at night…..
Wednesday 08th Aug 12 morning when I came to the clinic I could see a fiasco as the pillar of stacked ATTA which was touching the roof had crumbled down and it took quite some time to organize it……
The morning was a light day as there was no registration only return of previous tokens and few odd new cases……….
The day was spent in organizing the rations so that it could be easily distributed tomorrow that is Thursday 09th Aug 12 that meant carrying the RATIONS bags from the first floor to the reception which took about 2 hours and was done in 2 shifts.
In the mosque Zeeshu my son also went with me and helped me in making of ROOHAFZA and distribution of the AFTARI……….. A bit more organized today.
In the evening we went through the exercise / drill of job duties and any unforeseen eventualities so that tomorrow ZAKAT distribution goes like clockwork. Please pray for our humble cause………

09th August 2012……..
Today the 20th of RAMZAN……….. Came with welcome showers but only for a short time and the sun played hide and seek behind the clouds……………. Came to the clinic early as it was the first day of ZAKAT distribution and went to the grounds behind the clinic for the ratification of the recipients…… The Ladies were seated in an organized manner and the documentation went very well and after taking the token they went and collected their RATIONS from the ZAKAT Room..
This was done in three stages and the total who took RATION were 186 people……………. But there were still some late wild card entries who still insisted on getting registered despite the fact that we ran out our QUOTA………….
In the evening as I was preparing to go to the mosque rain storm came in and it beat us helter and skelter and I was drenched and soak to the skin when I reached the mosque… not many people for AFTARI so the SHARBAT was not fully consumed by the time of the MAGHRIB Jamaat.
One thing again I would like to add here that the clerics in the mosque are playing a dual game by pilfering and channeling the AFTARI edibles to their near and dear ones at the cost of the ROOZA DAR’s.
This is how our nation is and this we have to endure it………
Remember the Chinese Opium eaters in the beginning of the 19th century and how this problem was tackled………………. This has to be done with our nation too……….
10th August 2012……..
Today the 21st of RAMZAN… the last ASHRAH of RAMZAN which is called MAGHFRAT has now started and this guest will leave us after 9 days and the Bonus package announced by BANK OF ALLAH unlimited will now come to a close by the 20th of Aug 12…………….. This bonus package will not be available to us for another 11 months……….so please avail this opportunity of multiplying your investments 70 times…….
A good deed which you think of doing do it now……. Do not wait for tomorrow because tomorrow sometimes never comes………
Coming to the clinic in the morning there were more than 100 people present and my courtyard was full of heads and some had to sit outside……….. The documentation was done in 2 batches and by 3.00pm in the evening more than 170 people were given rations. Two points to be mentioned here that the old and infirm had difficulty to carry the ATTA bags and had to be helped. Secondly again some wildcard entries were there and two people were accommodated on compassionate basis ……….. this brings the token count to 810.
Today I indulged in the luxury of taking a well deserved nap till ASAR prayers as I was exhausted due to over work humidity and heat…………
In the evening in the mosque I fumbled as I only took 2 kgs of sugar with me for the ROOH AFZA hence there was criticism that the SHARBAT was not sweet………..well my apologies to my fellow ROOZADAR’s.
Two important Islamic events have gone by one was the FATEH MAKKAH on 20th RAMZAN and the MARTYDOM of HAZARAT ALI (R.A) by IBNE-MULJIM on the 21st of RAMZAN.
Another important national event which is coming is the PAKISTAN NATIONAL DAY coinciding with the 27th of RAMZAN ul MUBRAK the completion of our HOLY BOOK the last divine revelation the HOLY QURAN.
I have stopped watching television and reading newspapers as it gives me depression as regards the national scenario…………… hope my readers will keep me informed in this regards ……

11th August 2012……..
Today the 22nd of RAMZAN… A light cloudy day today with temperature about 34 degree’s Celsius……and I came to the clinic early and was greeted by a rush of people ………. The recipients of ZAKAT and there was hardly any room in my courtyard nor in my lawn…….
The ladies were highly disorganized and took me about ½ hour to make them in a line and settle them the ladies were documented first and it took about 2 hours……… and the gents were then given the tokens…..
My wife joined me in this documentation and later on moved towards the ZAKAT room for handing over the RATIONS. As females are more kind hearted and emotional my wife brought about 12 late wildcard entries which increased the work load of filling the forms again and also extra RATIONS had to be given which depleted my reserves……. After ASAR prayers there were again more than 70 people for documentation which we completed by 3.00 pm and after that everyone had a nap because of exhaustion……. The people who have been given rations till now is now 600 +
In the evening the usual took place for ROOHAFZA and this time I took 4 kgs of sugar and only half filled the TUB which made the SHARBAT very sweet…..just to compensate for yesterday…..
The AITIKAF people also joined me for AFTARI and some people gave me money for arranging tomorrow’s AFTARI…
Bank of ALLAH unlimited special package is left for another 7-8 days…..make use of this deal by ALLAH in following the tenets of ISLAM and helping your fellow human beings.
12th August 2012……..
Today the 23rd of RAMZAN… (Sunday) A Slow day for me as I took the luxury of sleeping late till 9.30 after Sehri then went out and looked after my Kennel in mates ……. My female boxer is expecting any day and I had to make arrangements for her yelping.
Rest of the inmates the Alsatians, Labradors and mini dash-hounds were given bath and grooming. Some urgent chores of the house which were pending for the past two weeks were attended to and one major portion was the cleaning of the underground water tanks and that took a lot of my time……. As a supervisor. The ROZA had a toll on me with the resulting back muscular pain. In the evening came to the mosque and made SHARBAT and attended to the distribution of the AFTARI.
13th August 2012……..
Today the 24th of RAMZAN… (Monday) As I was apprehensive of the impending rush so I came to the clinic early and started the Zakat distribution which was very organized and orderly and we distributed rations to 170 people that brings the total 770 another 60 people left…………. There was one wildcard entry today an old lady of 75 years of age who was hard of hearing and eyesight and had to be helped with the RATIONS as she could not even carry the small shopping bag of edibles what to talk of the ATTA bag……..
Today as I was distributing rations I looked up to the sky and THANKED GOD for his countless and innumerable blessings which we has bestowed upon me and the nice friends, well wishers and family members he has given to me by virtue of which I am able to complete my charitable work which would not have been possible without GOD’s willingness and help of my friends.
Also today early in the morning I received a call from my friend Abdul Vaid from UBL headquarters who also came up with a generous donation. Thank you and God bless you…………….
In the mosque the usual prevailed as the young MADARIS are full of greed and want and their appetite is insatiable as they want to carry all the edible inside so that they can horde and waste……..some of them a very critical of me because of my strict discipline and regimentation ……….well I have to do it otherwise no one will get AFTARI…….
Looking back and down the memory lane I think of those gloomy days of 2002 when I was in sheer stress and depression due to the loss of my parents and how GOD held my hand and guided me during my time of need and distress……………
Today proudly when my hand is extended I know some where GOD is working in mysterious ways and helping me……..
I in my ordinary and humble way have multiplied my investments in BANK OF ALLAH UNLIMITED and would request all of you to avail this opportunity to en-cash this special deal enounced by ALLAH almighty.
14th August 2012……..
Today the 25th of RAMZAN… (Tuesday) This day at my age is usually taken as a Holiday but a workaholic like me got up at my usual time and went to attend to my kennel inmates……….. and was delighted that my female boxer had given birth to 5 healthy pups……. Much of my time in the morning was spent on their up keep and kenneling and I had to settle her in a cool secluded corner along with fan.
Since it was her first litter and Elsa my female boxer was an novice so she had to be helped with her pups and their suckling procedures………nature has its own way of procreations and regeneration and this is how the biological cycle in the animal kingdom continues.
In the afternoon attended to the Zohar prayers and then went to clinic for some minor work as Raheel had to be called in for some IT work.
Evening ASAR prayers at home and in the evening went to the mosque with the usual rituals of making the SHARBAT and the distribution of the AFTARI. The edibles ran short as there was a JANNAZA in the mosque and lot of the mourners came for the prayers but I accommodated them with my SHARBAT.
Again the cycle of nature flashed in front of me that in the morning there was addition to this world and in the evening there was subtraction.
This world is like a Airport …………….there are arrivals and departures and the people waiting for their flight avail the transition time in the departure and this is the genesis of life……

Although we gained independence from British domination more than 3 ½ decade ago but we are still slave and subservient to the slave mentality left by the RAJ legacy as we are slaves of the system , fuedal lords , establishment and off course by bureaucracy……….. we have not learnt to live as a nation but rather as clans and fiefdoms. We should come out of this cocoon of allusion which we have built around ourselves and throw out the inefficient and corrupt politicians and leaders……….
A great chance will be available to this nation in the shape of the next elections and this will be the last chance to choose our wise and competent leaders……
The masses have to be educated and the media has to be put in its proper place as it has now become like a genie of the bottle which has over grown it size and cannot fit in to the bottle again………. The media must play its constructive role in educating and preparing the masses for the next elections.
I don’t want to be in a state of despair or be apologetic because we have nothing to celebrate except load shedding, corruption, lawlessness and above all incompetent and corrupt leaders.

Wake up my countrymen my comrades before it is too late as I always say PLEASE STAND UP AND BE COUNTED………… GOD BLESS PAKISTAN

15th August 2012……..
Today the 26th of RAMZAN… (Wednesday)left home at about 10.00 am and went to the bank to collect money and deposit Cheque’s and came to the clinic where about 20 people were given rations bringing the total count to 790 people……. One wildcard entry was entertained…….
After ZOHAR prayers was thronged by phone calls from my friends and acquaintance for FRESH NOTES for which I had to go to various bank branches but could not get the required amount.
Why is it that the demand for FRESH NOTES arises so much near EID……….. Can any one answer this question what is the relation between EID and FRESH NOTES………?
Before ASAR prayers I went back to the house in Lalazar to feed my Kennel inmates as today is the eve of 27th of Ramzan and there is KHATM – E- QURAN in my mosque and I will try to be a part of the congregation and will stay late in the mosque to offer my NAWAFILS and attend to the MAHFIL – e – DARS in the mosque. Today is the divine day that the HOLY QURAN was completed and it is the last revelation of GOD to mankind………….
Let me share with you something which although very simple but many of the readers would not have noticed it that the topic of QURAN is………………….. MAN and narration is the conduct of one human being towards another……….. so in short the meaning of ISLAM is a to bend down, be humble and to sacrifice oneself for another, as ISLAM is a religion of peace. GOD bless you all my friends.

16th August 2012……..
Today the 27th of RAMZAN… (Thursday) since last night was spent in the mosque and I came late so I stayed at market road and had my SEHRI here…………. Got up very early today and waited for the staff members to come in. Rauf was the first one to come and with him went to see my friend ANSAR NAWAZ MIRZA (Advocate) who put me at ease as regards my apprehensions about some property matters. Any of my friends needs good legal advice Mr. Ansar Nawaz Mirza is the to contact.
After that there was a routine of the banks, offices and some shopping for a charger as my black berry is down without a charger…………
Came to the clinic and gave rations to about 4/5 people and the total comes to about 800 people still some bags are lying with us unclaimed may be their claimant come in another day or two.
In the afternoon was feeling very tired, sleepy and groggy so went to lalazar to feed the kennel inmates and then after saying ZOHAR prayers went to sleep. Had a good sleep till 5.45 pm and was woken up by a phone call so did my WAZO and said my ASAR prayers…….
Came to the clinic where Ishaq the handyman was ready to go to the mosque for AFATRI and today as it was 27th Ramzan great many edibles came and everyone was given double the Rations. One thing I must share with you today that someone brought a full keg of LASSI and it took me quite some time to distribute it as it was very cold sweet and delicious and in front of LASSI the ROOHAFZA was relegated to 2nd position.
After AFTARI lot of pending work has accumulated on my table and now I am try to make a futile attempt to clear my table of the backlog.
As RAMZAN draws to a close more and more people are coming to the mosque for redemption…………. And prayers………………….

17th August 2012……..
Today the 28th of RAMZAN… (Friday) more or less the holiday and festivity mood has taken over and people are casual in their attitude…………not much of work in going on in offices as everyone wants to rush home for EID…….
In the morning had a small problem that the UPS got burnt……… GOD only knows how? And Rauf had to be called in for the emergency bypass maneuver and then things had to be brought back to normal. The heat took a sting today as my female boxer got restless with her pups and was carrying them from place to place in her mouth because the place they were housed was heated up……. Finally she took recluse in the flower bed which was wet and was happy to have her pups there…..
Not much activity in the clinic or in the afternoon as total number of Ration recipients is now 804 about 25 odd bags are lying with us awaiting their claimants…..
Operation helping hands for Ration distribution is more or less now complete and the videos portraying the activity can be watched on the youtube…….. and links have been sent to you.
Today I would like to share a very touching incident with you about the organization and distribution of Aftari in the mosque. As people come in with their share of edibles after Asar prayers and hand them over to me, some people who are not fasting because of the medical problems old age also have their FIDYA sent to the mosque in lieu of the fast which they have forgone. In this way I am able to organize Aftari for about 150 people for 30 days..
People in the mosque do not know my name but call me Haji Sahib / Dr. Sahib as I am there from Asar to MUGRIB prayers of each day of RAMZAN. Today as I was entering the mosque an unknown person approached me and without saying anything gave me a 500 rupees note and said Haji Sahib you are the Aftari Doctor please give Aftari from my side today and went away. What really boosted my morale that even unknown people are coming up with their share of Aftari and today so much edibles came in because of JUMATUL WIDHA that I had to go round three times to distribute the edibles…..
As I said in the beginning of Ramzan that this is a month of caring sharing helping the needy and poor.
Why can’t we do this the whole year round?

18th Aug 12

Today the 29th of RAMZAN………. The Holiday and festive mood is gaining momentum…. No one wants to work, and will not start work before Monday 27th of August ……………… If u look at the holiday calendar of Pakistan out of 365 days 96 days are for weekly holidays, 10 days for national holidays and another 2 weeks for religious holidays…………so in total this nation works for only 245 days in a year and that to from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.. If u calculate the Human resource index of Pakistan it is in the negative as the people in Government services, Utilities, Police, Revenue, Judiciary and allied departments don’t work at all…………… They work only when QUAID E AZAM makes them work…….
Got up early today and tried to attend to my kennel inmates and was greatly struck by the loss of one Boxer Pup as its mother could not feed him properly. I have tried to settle the mother and litter in a flower bed but because of heat she becomes restless…………….
It took me about two hour to settle them and then left for clinic……… on the way I stopped at UBL Kamran Market Branch for collecting money remitted to me by my friend from UK and was appalled with the conditions of HUMAN RESOURCES and service standards…………………………..
There was a small argument with the Cashier as I put in a test case of one Copy of Fresh Hundred Rupees note to which he declined but I had a refusal in writing from him and will apprise the management of UBL to take cognizance of the matter…….

Visited Bank ALFALAH to sort out the accounts and get fresh money notes which they had kept for me…
In the afternoon after ZOHAR prayers the luxury of sleeping and resting and after ASAR went to the mosque for AFTARI and today lot many edibles were there and it was like a sumptuous feast and after the plates had been cleared I prodded the ATIKHAF People about one more fast and somehow or the other my jabbing came true and we have to keep one more fast and EID INSHALLAH will be celebrated on MONDAY……….

In the evening in the clinic it was a small AFTARI from my side for all my staff and those people who are closely associated with me in my CHARITY work……………… and we had SAVOUR PULLAO and cold drinks………. We sat late in the office till 11 O Clock as Sherry was busy with the website and Raheel was assisting him. Mr. M. M. Hassan from AIA also joined us and he has launched a seminar on Investor Awareness in the 2nd Week of September 2012 and the preamble to the launching had to be finalized today…………..

Pakistan needs mediocre, hardworking, dedicated, honest and efficient work force in order to overcome the crisis in which we are in……… for this you need the recognition of merit and the appreciation of the dignity of labour……..which our corrupt politician and bureaucrats don’t want……..

REVOLUTION IS ROUND THE CORNER ……………………….and very soon there will be an uprising against the corrupt leaders…….like the French revolution………… it only needs a match stick to light the fuse….


19th August 2012……..
Today the 30th of RAMZAN… (Sunday) as EID is tomorrow so the thrill fun and excitement of CHANDRAAT has more or less died down…… it was good of the met department that they predicted that Eid will be on Monday 20th of Aug 2012 and hence the ambiguity of having 2 EID’s was settled.
In the morning since it was Sunday……….. a lazy day so I got up late and then started looking after my kennel inmates ……… and that took about 3 hours and after settling them it was time for ZOHAR prayers.
Slept for 2 hours again and at about 5.00pm left for the mosque to arrange for the AFTARI and to greet the ROOZADAR’s from AITIKHAF. In the mosque most of the people observing AITIKHAF were gathered in the courtyard with smile beaming on their faces as if moon light was shinning on them….
Since the prayer leader was late in coming I explained to them the importance of this day when the moon is sighted and AITIKHAF comes to an end………… it is a day of divine blessings where prayers are answered by GOD……..
I told them that immediately after MAGRIB prayers we must make a collective DUWA and everyone should then disperse home………
In the AFTARI not many had come but gradually the number of the ROOZADAR’s swelled to about 40/50 people and the AFTARI had to be shared with each other as the edibles were short and ROOHAFZA was not made…………… After MUGRIB prayers went home to greet my wife in the house who was also in short AITIKAF……After getting free from the feeding of the kennel inmates had a bath and looked after the arrangements for Vermicelli and the preparation of SHEER KHURMA……. That’s why EID UL FITAR is called MEETHI EID.
Late night went for a drive of CHAND RAAT and was very disappointed that the traffic was jammed and the BAZZAR’s were choked. Came home after purchase of HALEEM, Sweet Meets, Cold Drinks and Ice cream, went to bed very late and set the alarm at 06.30 am in the morning as the EID NAMAZ in Jamia Islamia Kashmir road Rawalpindi was scheduled to be held at 07.30 am….
EID is a Muslim festival signifying the end of the fasting month of RAMAZAN and is like a gift of GOD to the Muslim UMMAH for their perseverance, steadfastness and piety………………..but it is also a message of peace, love and humility……
This RAMAZAN I feel that as a humble servant of GOD I have tried my level best to do good deeds to others hoping that GOD almighty will forgive my sins and reward me in the next world of Eternity.

Best Regards
Dr. Babur Zahiruddin